3 from 6 Image Interpretation

You will see from your programme that on Tuesday 20 November 18 we have our “3 from 6 Image Interpretation” members evening.  The evening will run along the same lines as we did last season with the exception that there are more images to choose from. I suppose the evening could be renamed “Photoshop 14”

If you follow the link below you can download both JPG and RAW (dng) versions of the 14 images.  You choose whatever number of images you would like to apply Photoshop techniques to in order to improve the image, manipulate, create a composite etc etc.. The choice is yours, the more creative the better. 

You can work from the RAW (DNG) original image or the corresponding JPG version, whichever you prefer.

Once your images are finished, they need to be forwarded to me as attachments at brucedeacon88@gmail.com no later than Tuesday 13 November 18.  Your processed images need to be in JPG, maximum 1600 x 1200 pixels and sRGB colour space. If you are submitting a set of interim development working images for one image please ensure that the file numbers are in sequence.

These are the links to download the two ZIP files. They are quite large and some systems may warn you they are “too large to virus check” but you can still download them.

JPG’s (149MB)    https://tinyurl.com/BCC14JPGs

RAWs (244MB)    https://tinyurl.com/BCC14RAWs

Any queries, please let me know.

Bruce Deacon – Programme Secretary