Affinity – Photoshop killer for the MAC?

Affinity is a new product from Serif designed to compete with Photoshop.

Just released in beta format and only for the Apple MAC base, at a very attractive purchase price of £40

Serif is a UK developer (based in Nottingham) that has been around, in the background, since 1987 selling their range of low-cost programs for the PC. In the past their software has been good but never the best. The web site for their Affinity program certainly makes this new product look very exciting. If I used an Apple I would download their free, trial beta version and test it out.

If it is as good as their advertising claims it will make Adobe sit up and think. However, a word of caution, Serif has never tried to undersell their products. I really hope Affinity does live up to the hype.

 UPDATE 10/02/15

Review of the Affinity Beta