Bedford Camera Club win Central Club Challenge

Bedford won the Central Club Challenge on Thursday 10th March by 5 points from Biggleswade.   It was a very impressive performance against strong opposition with Bedford leading all the way through the competition and Jonathan gaining the only 20 of the night with Trapped in Dementia.  Full details will be in the next edition of Snapshot.

CORRECTED Exhibition Update for All Members of the BCC…!

This past Tuesday, John Pegram and I gave a presentation of what our 2016 Annual Exhibition will look like, and for those of you who missed it, here’s a quick summary of what to expect…!

The main reasons to have an Exhibition are 1) to promote the Bedford Camera Club to the general public (and hopefully gain new members…!) and 2) to show off our collective body of work to that same audience.  This year, as last year, it will be held at the Harpur Suites in town.  The location is central, there’s lots of foot traffic on the weekends, and there’s 2-hour free parking on the Saturday…!

The dates…?  On Thursday evening the 17th of November (after setting the exhibition up), there will be a closed reception for BCC members and their families, where awards will be presented and the Mayor of Bedford will officially open the Exhibition.  Then on Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th, the Exhibition will be open to the public.

Each member of the club will be allowed to submit up to eight (8) prints and eight (8) PDIs for display, and assuming there aren’t too many prints to display, all will be shown during the two days.

There will be no Novice section this year, and no genres to enter into, only a prints section and a PDI section.  The prints will be separated into a monochrome and a colour area, as will the PDIs.  

There will be only one (1) overall winner chosen from all the prints, and one (1) overall winner chosen from all the PDIs, and each of those will receive a prize trophy cup.  But there will also be three (3) commended and three (3) highly commended awards presented from each section (6 total for colour prints, 6 total for monochrome prints, 6 total for colour PDIs, and 6 total for monochrome PDIs).  The commended and the highly commended image authors will receive an award certificate.  As specific requirements for entry are finalized, you’ll all be advised so you can prepare your images in plenty of time…!

Looks like a lot of work, doesn’t it…?  Well, it will be a lot of work, so the Committee has identified several Action Task (AT) areas where volunteers will be needed to make this Exhibition successful.  These AT areas include web & image issues, image organization, sponsor acquisition, front door & on-site sales, venue & equipment acquisition, publicity, photo booth, refreshments, layout & display issues, and a catalog.  Luckily, the club has already identified a number of members willing to lead each of these AT areas, but each of those leaders will need several additional bodies (read ‘volunteers’) to make their areas of responsibility work efficiently.  

With that in mind, all of you, yes, all of you!, will receive requests from those individuals to help them, if and when they need it.  So please, as a member of the Bedford Camera Club, help up by rolling up your sleeves, volunteer when and where you’re asked to, then we can all be proud of our accomplishments during 2016…!

Thanks for listening…!

Submitted 23rd January 2016 by Cliff Harvey