Architect’s Association Cup Won by Carl Wrightson!

Carl & Graham Bright 2016

Tuesday night, the 12th of January, saw another well attended competition to see who would win the coveted Architect’s Association Cup!  This year’s theme was ‘Rural Architecture’, with a focus on buildings associated with the countryside.  The competition, judged by Ray Kimberley, saw a whopping 74 PDI images submitted, a record number for this competition!

Our winner this year, in fact, winning this cup for a second year in a row, was Carl Wrightson, seen above accepting the cup from Graham Bright, who was representing the Bedford Architect’s Association.  Carl’s image – Houghton Mill – can be seen under the link Galleries>Competitions>Competitions 2015-2016>Architect’s Association Trophy 2016 on this website, along with the other images held back for further consideration by the judge.  

Congratulations! to Carl, and to the other members of the BCC who received high scores!

Next year’s theme, announced by Graham, will be ‘Architecture in the 3rd Dimension’.  Hmmm, interesting project in store for our members over the next year, for sure…!

Submitted 16 January by Cliff Harvey

Attention All BCC Members…!

A final reminder (see the news item below, as well) that the Architects Association Cup is up for a new winner on the 12th of January, and your PDI images to compete in this event are due no later than tomorrow (Tuesday) the 5th, at midnight…!  The cup is very prestigious and has been linked with several OBE winners in the past (no, not really…!), but it’s always fun to win a trophy, so get your images in before the deadline, and have a go…!

Submitted 4 January 2016 by Cliff Harvey

The Architects Association Trophy Competition Cometh…!

To All Members of the Bedford Camera Club…!

Don’t forget! – the final entry date for the Architect’s Association Trophy competition is Tuesday, the 5th of January 2016…!  This competition takes place on the 12th of January, with each member allowed to submit up to three (3) PDIs (no prints), and the scheduled judge is Ray Kimberley, a member of the Bedfordshire Association of Architects.  The competition even has its own Architects Association trophy…!

The subject this year is “Buildings Associated with the Countryside” otherwise described as ‘Rural Architecture’, so get out there, take your best images, and get them into the competition no later than midnight of the 5th of January…!

Thank you, and good luck to all of you who enter…!

Submitted 27th December 2015 by Cliff Harvey

Deacon the big winner of the 2015 Points of View Competition…!

Congratulations to Bruce Deacon for winning the 1st place trophy for our 2015 edition of the Points of View competition…!  In the photo, Bruce is being presented the trophy by the judge for the competition this year, John Credland…!  See Bruce’s winning images in the Galleries dropdown…!

Submitted 25 December 2015 by Cliff Harvey


The 10 commandments of Lightroom black and white conversions…!

Lightroom makes the process of converting a colour image to black and white a two-second job, but it’s deceptively easy.  Good black and white conversion is not just about losing the colour; not all images work so well in black and white, and a cack-handed conversion sticks out like a sore thumb.  See what Digital Camera World has for recommendations <here> .

Submitted 18th December 2015 by Cliff Harvey


4 ways to get the best effects possible from your polariser filter…!

With the advances in post-production software, it’s now possible to do almost anything to your images after you’ve fired the shutter, but there’s one filter that’s difficult to replicate effectively, and that’s the polariser filter.  In <this> tutorial, Digital Camera World shows you 4 simple ways to use your polariser filter to its maximum potential…!

Submitted 13th December 2015 by Cliff Harvey