POV Jogger

Reminder Jogger: the 6 Points of View images closing date for the entries is a week Tuesday, 1st December, just 10 days away.

The six themes are…


Kempston Studio Days

All being well, and we are “released” early December, Andy of Kempston Studios has a couple of model days booked with more to follow.

If interested in trying your hand at studio model photography there are some hourly slots available

The flyers contain pin-up photographs should you not wish to download them

Friday 11th December flyer

Saturday 19th December flyer

More details from Andy at info@kempstonstudio.co.uk



Cambridge Photography Week

Campkins Cameras of Cambridge (try saying that quickly a few times) is a good camera shop in Cambridge. They run an annual photography week of talks and trade stalls. This year it has gone online, from Nov 16th to 22nd.

There is a talk by Jonathan Vaines, a few from our Olympus friend Dave Smith and many other interesting, brand-sponsored speakers who are well worth watching.



Speedlights, or, as we used to call them, flashguns, are often an underused photographic tool costing from £25 to £1,000 or more.

Most of us know that we can stick one on the top of our camera and they are great for indoor parties (if you can’t remember what a “party” is, it was a fun group gathering, usually with alcohol, that used to happen pre-Covid days.)

But speedlights are also useful in many other situations. On sunny days, turning day into night, adding catchlights, illuminating a dark corner, filling shadows, adding colour, high-speed photography, darkening backgrounds, highlighting a subject, turning the background black, creative images.

About 4 years ago I gave a talk to the club about speedlights. How they work and ways we can use them.

If you have a speedlight, or are considering buying one, and would like a Zoom “class” on the topic, please let me know. If there is a demand for it then I’ll dust off and update my previous notes and run a few short, casual classes on the subject.

I’ll go over how they work, getting them off the camera, ways we can trigger them, what the specifications mean, how the light behaves, how to measure the light and then some creative ways to use them. It will not be lessons on how to take portraits or still life.

If interested please email me and let me know what days you can’t possibly do.




Photo Opportunity – Birds of Prey

Photo: Ian Whiting

BCC member Paul Curtis would like BCC members to be aware of an offer to go to the Herrings Green Activity Farm and Bird of Prey Centre, Cotton End Rd, Wilstead MK45 3DT  to see and photograph owls and eagles. The offer is for one person 3 hr photoshoot for £25 or three hours for two people £47. The offer is held for 90days from the day you book your place. If you need more information please get in touch with Paul direct on either 01234 270773 or 07794 273552 or email paulfcurtis1@gmail.com.

Points of View Recap

Many thanks to all those who were able to get to the POV event in Sharnbrook over the past weekend.

The weather was warm and sunny both days, so I guess we will be short of a few dramatic storm images

Just to let you know, you need to submit 6 images, one image for each of the 6 themes. Submit all six via the usual Photo Entry website by December 1st.


Points of View this Weekend

This weekend, September 12/13th, the club holds its first event for 2020-21

The Points of View location is Sharnbrook (8 miles north of Bedford via the A6.) You can photograph anytime over the 48 hours of Saturday AM to Sunday PM. All image content must have been taken over this weekend within the bounds of Sharnbrook.

The challenge is to get 6 images, one for each of the 6 themes, see below.READ MORE

Points of View 2020 Announcement

The first event of the 2020-21 program is the Points of View event to be held over the weekend September 12th and 13th.

I have written a PDF with all the details, location, six themes. Please download it and I hope I see you over that weekend.

The PDF includes details of what the POV event entails for those that are new to the competition.

Cliff has also volunteered to lead and assist a group of new members, details in the PDF.

We have the added concern over the COVID issue. I think we can run this event within the guidelines. I have included in the PDF some links to these guidelines and how we should work within them.

Download Points of View PDF

Any questions please do ask

Ian Whiting


Chris Upton

Chris Upton ARPS gave the BCC a well received talk in Feb 2019.

You might like to know about his online talk this Thursday