Bedford in a Day

The Clanger, Explore Bedford, and the Bedford Independent have launched an ambitious Borough-wide photography project taking place on Saturday 22 June.

The aim of the project is to document 24 hours in the life of Bedford. From the exciting to the mundane, from the professionally shot to pictures taken on camera phones.

The project begins at midnight on that Saturday morning and will last for 24 hours. The day will be split into half hour time slots and members of the public are being asked to ‘pitch’ for each slot. Only one image can be submitted for each half hour slot

This is an opportunity for individual members to pitch for a slot and take part under their own name or create the Bedford Camera Club team.

For the latter, if you would like to form the BCC team, please contact me, John Gough, on email . I will circulate your name and email address with all others wanting to be part of the club team. This team will need to organise themselves to decide their own slot and pitch and afterwards select the image to be submitted on behalf of the club.

Be quick as I don’t know when the cut-off date is for the pitch.

There are lots more details here.