Capturing Cumbria

If you enjoy landscape/rural photography there is a pleasant, non-technical, 20 minute radio broadcast on BBC iPlayer where Amy Bateman, farmer and photographer, talks about her photographic life.

Amy has won numerous photographic awards including the overall winner of the most recent, prestigious British Life Photography competition. The exhibition has been touring Britain throughout 2019. Amy says she takes about 5-6,000 photographs each week.


Free Photographer Academy Offer

Just received this that I thought BCC members might like to have…

A free 12-month membership offer for the The Photographer Academy

It’s British, carries over 2,000 video tutorials, regular online webcasts and magazine (PDF.) You can upload one image twice a month for a professional critique held online.

Their email follows…READ MORE

Shooting With Light

Robert Capa – Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death, Spanish Civil War 1936

(A 2013 investigative documentary broadcast by Japan’s NHK reported research carried out by Kotaro Sawaki claiming that Gerda Taro should be acknowledged as the real photographer. The photo was published shortly after her death – from Wikipedia. Note: as many theories abound about this photo as “Did USA really land on the moon?” Is the photo staged, where was it taken, who took it?)


As you know the club has a print and video slideshow exhibition at the Quarry Theatre right now. They are also sharing the space with a BAFTA print exhibition of photographs taken from the Bugsy Malone film production showing at the Bedford Film Festival this weekend. Whilst not quite up to the scale and quality of the BAFTA portrait exhibition earlier this year it is still worthwhile calling in if you are passing as I am sure all of us would have been very pleased to have taken any of these shots.

Shooting with Light

Now onto a professional, touring production showing for one day only this week, Shooting With Light. It is about the true story of the female war photographer Gerda Taro who partnered Robert Capa.


Zack Arias Image

Get to Work

Zack Arias is an Atlanta-based “people” photographer and placed in the world’s top 10 of current commercial photographers. He used to be known as “One Light Arias” due to working with (and only able to afford) one speedlight for his professional come-back. His lectures encouraged students to get the most out of very simple gear. His downloadable video training course One Light 2 is affordable and well worth every penny when you want to learn about lighting. He is considered to be one of the best teachers around.


Picasa To Close

If you or your friends/family are using Google’s free and very popular Picasa program to catalogue and edit their images be aware that Google is finishing with this program.

Support ends on March 16th 2016 and on May 1st all existing Picasa photos and albums will be moved to Google+ (G+)


Michel Willems see

Flashy Christmas

(Photo copyright of Michael Willems)

Christmas is nearly here. You will probably want to photograph some indoor parties and family gatherings using your flash. Whilst it is much easier to use the pop-up flash and let the camera take the blame your pictures can be much better if you put on that external flashgun and keep a few simple guidelines in mind.


“The Art of Wildlife Photography” – Bob Brind-Surch

Bob Brind-Surch

Following last night’s presentation to the club by Bob Brind-Surch, please find attached steps on how to access more detailed information from his website, along with his workshop flyer for the remainder of 2015 plus 2016 dates.

His presentation information is copyrighted so is placed behind a password on his website. He will leave these notes on the site for about 3 months and could I please request that members respect that these notes are being made available for members’ own personal use and should not be distributed elsewhere (the password will be emailed to members separately.)

He would like to give something back so is offering a 5% discount on a UK workshop if booked within a week of his talk. 

BBS Natures Photos Workshops flyer November 2015

Darkroom Printing, Essays and Magnum Photos

I recently stumbled on an interesting short essay by Sarah Coleman, Magnum and the Dying Art of Darkroom Printing describing the work of Magnum and the darkroom printer. The above example is by Bob Henriques of Henri Cartier-Bresson considering how best to photograph Dr Martin Luther King Jnr, detailing to the printer where to dodge and burn. 

Darkroom printing by journalistic documentary agencies like Magnum Photos is/was a highly skilled job. We still do something similar, visually, more easily, but perhaps with less thought, using digitally graduated filters in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Sarah’s web site, The Literate Lens, has many interesting essays that investigate connections between photography, art and literature. Worth exploring.

Ian Whiting