General Competition Rules


  1. Only Honorary Members and paid up Members of the Club may enter the Club’s competitions.  All images must be the author’s original work, both the capture of the image and the post-production work.
  1. The same image can only be used twice in club competitions. For example, you can enter the same image as a print and as a digital image (or 2 prints or 2 digital images), Entering an image in colour and then again in monochrome also counts as two “uses”.
  1. The Competition Secretaries has the right to withdraw an entry if it is believed that the “twice” rule has been exceeded.
  1. The copyright to an image must belong to the entrant. For manipulated images the entrant must have copyright of the final image and its components.
  1. Prints may be commercially printed and/or mounted.
  1. All images may be placed on the clubs’ web site. If you do not wish any of your images to be placed on the website, please see the competition secretaries.
  1. Each competition will state whether it is for Prints and/or PDI’s and if it is for colour and/or monochrome.
  1. The terms Monochrome and Colour have the following meanings (based on the definitions issued by the FIAP in 1991)


  • All black and white and monochrome images are included.
  • A black and white image which has been modified by the addition of a single tone to the entire image is defined as a Monochrome


  • All images other than those above (Monochrome) are defined as Colour
  • A black and white image which has been modified by the addition of partial toning or by the addition of one colour to any part of the image is a Colour 
  1. Prints

Prints must be mounted with a minimum image size of 300 sq cm on a mount size of 50 cm by 40 cm only.   A label must be placed on the back of the mount, as near to the top left hand corner as possible.  If the print has been submitted for other competitions, the new label should be placed below the previous label. 

The following information must be clearly shown on the label

CLUB                                 Bedford Camera Club
AUTHOR                           First Name – Last Name
TITLE                                  1/2 (to indicate priority number) and a clear and concise title
DATE (of competition)     e.g.  01/01/2018

No identifying information may appear on the front of the print.

A Print entry should be accompanied by its PDI. File names must be in the same format as for submitting competition PDIs: i.e. n_AB_X.jpg – see section 10 below

10.  PDIs – Projected Digital Images 

Important: From October 2017 the JPGs for all competition PDIs will need to be 1600px x 1200px (previously they were 1400 x 1050)  and a max 2Mb file size. All other requirements are unchanged, e.g. in sRGB and fill to 1600 x 1200 with black borders. If your final JPG image file size does exceed 2Mb reduce the quality setting and save it as JPG again, repeat until you get it small enough.

A full detailed  guidline for PDI competition entries can be found on the club’s website – visit×1200-v1.1.pdf

11.  Submitting Competition Entries 

  • The latest date for receipt of Print and/or PDI competition entries is stated in the Programme against that particular competition.
  • PDI competition entries are to be emailed to –

  • PDI copies of Print competition entries are to be emailed to –

  • Where a member does not have e-mail, entries can be posted or handed to the Internal Competition Secretary on a USB stick or CD.
  • PDIs in emails must be an “attachment” and not embedded in the text.
  • Once your entries have been successfully received and where an e-mail address has been given, a reply will be sent confirming your entry into the competition within 48hours

 12.  Seasonal Points Competitions – Scoring System

  • Each image will be marked out of 20  
  • The judge will award first place only in both classes, Print and PDI.
  • First placed image for both Print and PDI classes will receive one additional point.
  • A cumulative points system operates for both the prints and PDI classes
  • Only the top point score from each author’s entry (Prints and/or PDI’s) are recorded.
  • The winner in each class will be the author with the most points at the end of the season.
  1. Other Internal Competitions 

      The Felicity Bickley Trophy – A digital Audio Visual (AV) presentation competition.

  • A maximum of 2 entries per person
  • Images must be less than 2 years old
  • Each entry must contain a minimum of 10 images
  • The maximum duration of the presentation is 5 minutes
  • The author and/or photographer must noy be named within the sequence.

Points of View Competition 

  • PDI entry only
  • Unique rules – see event organiser

Architects Association Trophy/Philip Lepper Trophy/Stan Searle Trophy 

  • PDI entry only
  • A maximum of three images
  • Each image marked out of 20
  • The judge will award first place only.