Competition Themes 2019 – 2020

Now that the current season has finished and the weather is (supposedly) improving,  it is time to get out with our cameras and find some ideas for next season’s competitions.

As promised, here are the themes, with descriptive briefs, for next season:

Seasonal Points                                

  – ‘Long Exposure’  An image produced with an exposure at least long enough to create some noticeable blur.

  – ‘Wheel’ or ‘Wheels’  A Wheel or Wheels must form a prominent part of the image. This may be an explicit or implicit subject.

Philip Lepper Trophy                          

  – ‘Abstract’  Relating to or denoting an image that does not attempt to represent external reality, but rather seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, colours, and textures.

Architects Association Trophy        – ‘Consensus in Architecture

The award is to celebrate Architecture and therefore any image in this competition should reflect this. It is expected that the majority of the image (greater that 50%, excluding any reflections), must show Architecture. The image should not consist of a two-dimensional picture of Architecture. i.e. an image of a picture.

Modern Architecture has often been criticised as being insensitive, terms like ‘….it looks like a prison building….’ and ‘… it’s a carbuncle…’ have often been used. Good Architecture should not simply copy the neighbours but be compatible, good neighbourly and respectful designs. Architects do not work in isolation to design buildings which all also have to be approved by various bodies. We see the resultant compromises.  It is my view that consensus Architecture should meld the new with the old.  (Provided by Graham Wright, Architect Competition Consultant.)

Don’t forget to check the website regularly for updates on summer events.  There should be plenty of opportunity to get out there and exercise your creative abilities.

Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing lots of entries in next season’s competitions.