Competitions 2014 – 2015

Contains images from competitions between October 2014 and May 2015

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John Pegram - The Brass Foundry Ian Whiting - Treads Elizabeth Jamieson - Tulip Study 2 Lynn Short - Fingers & Thumbs Andy Howe - Dinner is Served Brian Felles - Evening Silhouette Barrie Moss - Over or Out Barrie Moss - Wet But Winning Mike Clifton - Barn Owl Late Evening Flight Martin Nellist - Brown Argos on Geranium Ian Whiting - Long Jump Landing Jim Burnett - Fishing Gear Cliff Harvey - Charge! Terry Sykes - Some Like It Hot Martin Nellist - Ampthill Clock Tower John Pegram - Fraser Law Out In Front Bruce Deacon - Swiss Meadow Cliff Harvey - Dahlias Barrie Moss - Crocodile Eyeline