Competitions 2017-2018

Club competitions for the year October 2017 – May 2018

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2 Bruce-Deacon Out-for-a-Jaunt 2 Bruce-Deacon Out-for-a-Jaunt 1 Andy-Howe Female-Kestrel-Landing 1 Andy-Howe Female-Kestrel-Landing 1 Bruce-Deacon Kyle-Orford-Ness-Sheepdog 1 Bruce-Deacon Kyle-Orford-Ness-Sheepdog 2 Steve-Newman Winter-Sunset 2 Steve-Newman Winter-Sunset 1 John-Pegram Adult-Kingfisher-with-Fish 1 John-Pegram Adult-Kingfisher-with-Fish 1 Vaughan-Dean Retro-in-Sepia 1 Vaughan-Dean Retro-in-Sepia 1 Richard-Burn Adding-The-Decorative-Touch 1 Richard-Burn Adding-The-Decorative-Touch 2 John-Pegram Juvenile-Kingfisher-with-Fish 2 John-Pegram Juvenile-Kingfisher-with-Fish