Competitions 2017-2018

Club competitions for the year October 2017 – May 2018

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1 John-Pegram Lost 1 John-Pegram Lost 2 Manuel-Fohler Modern-Art 2 Manuel-Fohler Modern-Art 3 John-Dunn Tigeress 3 John-Dunn Tigeress 1 Sue-Allen Transient 1 Sue-Allen Transient 3 Jim-Burnett Like-Moths-to-a-Flame 3 Jim-Burnett Like-Moths-to-a-Flame 3 Martin-Nellist Flower-lady 3 Martin-Nellist Flower-lady 3 Cliff-Harvey Selfie-in-the-Fog 3 Cliff-Harvey Selfie-in-the-Fog