Competitions 2017-2018

Club competitions for the year October 2017 – May 2018

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1 John-Gough Looking-Back 1 John-Gough Looking-Back 2 Cliff-Harvey Into-The-Light 2 Cliff-Harvey Into-The-Light 2 Jim-Burnett Gorge-Walkway,-El-Caminito-del-Rey 2 Jim-Burnett Gorge-Walkway,-El-Caminito-del-Rey 2 John-Gough -Love-in-a-Mist 2 John-Gough -Love-in-a-Mist 2 Sue-Allen The-Seaward-Journey 2 Sue-Allen The-Seaward-Journey 1- John-Dunn Calle-del-Piovan-o-Gritti 1- John-Dunn Calle-del-Piovan-o-Gritti 2 Brian-Felles Heading-for-the-light 2 Brian-Felles Heading-for-the-light 2 Martin-Nellist The-Orangery,-Wrest-Park 2 Martin-Nellist The-Orangery,-Wrest-Park 1 Clive-Walton Black-Beauty 1 Clive-Walton Black-Beauty 1 Ian-Whiting Challenge 1 Ian-Whiting Challenge 1 Jim-Burnett Lilies 1 Jim-Burnett Lilies 2 Bruce-Deacon Eyes 2 Bruce-Deacon Eyes 1 Cliff-Harvey Ulster-Reception 1 Cliff-Harvey Ulster-Reception 1 Andy-Kumaria Before-the-rush 1 Andy-Kumaria Before-the-rush