Creative Flower Photography Workshop

A message from Bruce regarding our upcoming workshops with Sue Bishop at Kathy Brown’s Garden.
So far I have 17 members wishing to attend but I need 3 more.  We will be running two workshops, one on Monday 30 July 18 and the second on Wednesday 1 August, both at Kathy Brown’s garden in Stevington, near Bedford.  The workshop will run from 1.30pm until 4.45pm. I need 10 participants at each workshop.  Those that are attending are encouraged to bring a friend, partner, wife, husband etc and they will only need to pay the normal garden entrance fee and assuming they want tea and cakes an additional £4. Kathy requires a minimum of 15 to make it worth her while.
Can anyone interested please let me know asap and if so, do they have a preference of which day and will they bring a guest.  
Please contact Bruce promptly on