EAF Print Competition

On the 10th March Bedford Camera Club entered the East Anglian Federation of Photography Societies (EAF) print competition. The winner of this competition will then represent the EAF in the National Print Competition later in the year.

Of the 129 clubs who are affiliated to the EAF 23 took part in this year’s competition. Each club has to select 25 prints, 15 are shown in the 1st round and then the top 10 scoring clubs are allowed through to the 2nd round where their remaining 10 prints are judged to find the overall winner. Each print is simultaneously judged by 3 judges and can achieve an overall maximum of 15 points.

After the 1st round no print has scored a maximum 15 and only 2 prints achieved a score of 14. The overall scores for 23 clubs in the 1st round ranged from 136 to 168. Bedford gained 148 points which put us into 16th place and therefore we did not enter the 2nd round.

The overall winning club was Cambridge Camera Club who achieved 282 points after the 2 rounds. There were another 4 prints scoring 14 points in the 2nd round but no print scored a maximum 15 points throughout the whole competition.

Bedford had selected the following images for round 1

Sylvanian Perspective by Vaughan Dean

 Late night headed home by Cliff Harvey

Delta Scotland by John Dunn

A Friendly Chin Rest by Richard Burn 

Skogafoss by Paul Bonito Brook

The Bridge by Filly Bonito Brook

On Up Two Down by John Pegram

Broken by Andy Howe

Deadvlei by John Dunn

Cow Parsley by John Gough

The Lone Tree by Filly Bonito Brook

Vastrahorn Tide by Paul Bonito Brook

Follow me into the light by Cliff Harvey

Cecil Brewer Staircase by John Pegram

The Young Student by Vaughan Dean


Had we needed prints for a second round we would have shown

Vista from Accademia Bridge by Filly Bonito Brook

Into the light by Cliff Harvey

Distracted by Cliff Harvey

Fox Hound by Bruce Deacon

Crossrail Walkway by Moria McAney

Lost by John Pegram

Birdwatcher by Helen Hall

Kolmanskop by John Dunn

Fly on White by Ian Whiting

Light Therapy by John Pegram


Members of the BCC had had a chance to judge and score the 15 images for our 1st round during our members evening on the 5th March. The participating members scores for the Bedford entry ranged from 142 to 196, and the member who came closest to the 148 score we actually achieved was Caron Harrison.  Caron therefore wins the promised prize…!