Talk: Leica – Dr Tom Peck

January 22, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:45 pm
Scott Primary School
Hawk Dr
Bedford MK41 7JA

Leica – Probably the most influential camera in the world, ever

Speaker –  Dr Tom Peck

Dr Thomas Peck (contributor to Black & White Photography and traces the history of Leica from 1900 to the present day to show how this brand revolutionised the way we take photographs.

Even today, in the era of high megapixel digital photography, we all still use the basic camera body shapes and shoot the image formats that have their roots in Leica’s ground breaking developments in the early 20th Century.

This presentation is much more than a simple history lesson however. The talk is interspersed with a quiz on famous (Leica) photographs and their authors, and the presenter shares his own personal history with Leica via a series of portfolios taken with a combination of a modern day M9 Leica and a 1936 screw mount Leica II.

The presenter brings along a selection of Leica memorabilia so the audience can get a chance to experience what a Leica feels like. A 90 minute fun, informative and personal run through of the most influential camera brand in the world.


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