Exhibition 2016

1-W-2 Andy-Howe King 1-W-2 Andy-Howe King 2-HC-2 Richard-Burn Ready-for-Rush-Hour 2-HC-2 Richard-Burn Ready-for-Rush-Hour 3-HC-7 Bruce-Deacon Storm-Brewing 3-HC-7 Bruce-Deacon Storm-Brewing 4-HC-3 John-Gough Rainy-Sunset 4-HC-3 John-Gough Rainy-Sunset 5-HC-5 Andy-Howe Strolling-Along 5-HC-5 Andy-Howe Strolling-Along 6-HC-2 Clive-Walton Cheetah-with-cubs 6-HC-2 Clive-Walton Cheetah-with-cubs 7-HC-3 Ian-Whiting Marmoset-on-glass 7-HC-3 Ian-Whiting Marmoset-on-glass 8-C-5 Jim-Burnett Old-Pots 8-C-5 Jim-Burnett Old-Pots 9-C-1 John-Gough Christmas-at-St-Pancras 9-C-1 John-Gough Christmas-at-St-Pancras 10-C-1 Cliff-Harvey Andrew 10-C-1 Cliff-Harvey Andrew 11-C-4 Lynn-Short Fingers-and-Thumbs 11-C-4 Lynn-Short Fingers-and-Thumbs 12-C-8 Lynn-Short Iva-Barr-Bedford-Harrier 12-C-8 Lynn-Short Iva-Barr-Bedford-Harrier 13-C-1 Clive-Walton Memory-of-India 13-C-1 Clive-Walton Memory-of-India

First placed, highly commended and commended images from the 2016 exhibition

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