Exhibition 2016

1-W-8 Lynn-Short Sheelanagig-at-Shrewsbury-Folk-Festival 1-W-8 Lynn-Short Sheelanagig-at-Shrewsbury-Folk-Festival 2-HC-2 Richard-Burn Lost-in-Thought 2-HC-2 Richard-Burn Lost-in-Thought 3-HC-6 Mike-Clifton Surfer 3-HC-6 Mike-Clifton Surfer 4-HC-3 Paul-Curtis Wisteria-Arch 4-HC-3 Paul-Curtis Wisteria-Arch 5-HC-7 Brian-Felles I-am-watching 5-HC-7 Brian-Felles I-am-watching 6-HC-2 Andy-Howe Girl-Power 6-HC-2 Andy-Howe Girl-Power 7-HC-7 Andy-Howe Blue-Byes 7-HC-7 Andy-Howe Blue-Byes 8-C-2 Bruce-Deacon Morning-Mist 8-C-2 Bruce-Deacon Morning-Mist 9-C-1 John-Gough Repent 9-C-1 John-Gough Repent 10-C-2 Cliff-Harvey Pure-Glee 10-C-2 Cliff-Harvey Pure-Glee 11-C-3 Andy-Howe Four-Of-A-Kind 11-C-3 Andy-Howe Four-Of-A-Kind 12-C-2 Martin-Nellist Autumn-Crocuses 12-C-2 Martin-Nellist Autumn-Crocuses 13-C-7 John-Pegram And-my-point-is 13-C-7 John-Pegram And-my-point-is

First placed, highly commended and commended images from the 2016 exhibition

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