Exhibition 2021 cancelled

To all members of the Bedford Camera Club
After several discussions with Cliff and John Pegram, and considering the probable future effects of the Covid-19 issue, the Committee sees no other reasonable alternative than to cancel our proposed 2021 exhibition.  Instead, we are asking our contacts at Bunyan Meeting to pencil us in for similar dates and times in the calendar year 2022.  Although we have yet to hear from them on that, we believe that will be acceptable to them
The thought of having a ‘virtual’ exhibition had also been considered, instead of, or in conjunction with, the physical one.  This option was also rejected as being too much work for the exposure the BCC would gain from it.  The option is always available if we so choose to do something similar in the future.
Cliff has several prints that were given to him early on in 2020 when getting ready for the exhibition.  He’ll make a list of whose prints they are, and make arrangements to get those prints back to their authors.  He has also cancelled our judges; Jonathan and Sue Vaines.
We collected £360 from members for a raffle.  After discussion, we feel it best to have the raffle absent from the exhibition; in effect, drawing a line under our original plans and start afresh when and if we prepare a future exhibition.  With this in mind, I will get all the tickets and the list of owners of those tickets from Cliff, and at some time in the very near future we can conduct a drawing for the Three Legged Thing tripod, the signed edition of the book by Charlie Waite, and the £100 voucher from Ouse Valley Printing.  Keeping in mind that the tickets were sold to BCC members, and some of the tickets may now be held by people who are no longer members of the club, those people will still be eligible to win one of the prizes.
Any questions, please contact me.