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23 Sep – 24 Nov 2019

International Garden Photographer of the Year

A selection of inspiring entries into the 2019 International Garden Photographer of the Year competition. With stunning work from both amateur and professional photographers, the exhibition captures beautiful images of plants, habitats and amazing landscapes. The opening exhibition takes place annually at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, with a rolling programme of touring exhibitions in the UK and in countries worldwide.

Stockwood Discovery Centre, London Road, Luton LU1 4LX (near to the M1 / Luton Airport exit)

Free entry, open everyday (10:00 – 16:00)

(This exhibition will also be at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, November 1, 2019 to December 19, 2019)


5th Oct 2019 – 9th Oct 2019


The Photographic Angle, Milton Keynes

One of the most interesting aspects of street photography is the candid nature with which images are captured in public places. It allows photographers to record the true state of the human condition by watching how society acts when it thinks that nobody is watching.

All of the images in this exhibition have been taken within towns and cities. They represent a contemporary record of urban life, but they are also testament to mankind’s ingenuity in adapting to new and challenging environments.

Some of our photographers have chosen to capture mundane everyday scenes that can be witnessed in any metropolitan environment. Others have approached the theme from a far more serious angle and have portrayed our cities as a political environment choosing to highlight their concerns with inequality and the importance of political activism.

Some photographs depict an emotional reaction to urban life and focus on a more romantic attachment to a location. Others have chosen to portray the drama and contrast of architectural styles and familiar architectural landmarks.

What these photographs all have in common is the fact that they provide a commentary on the reality of life in communities built to meet the needs of the industrial age.

Spread over two buildings a short walk apart…

Exchange House, Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 2EA
Victoria House, Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1AU

4th Jan 2020 – 8th Jan 2020

200 FACES 

The Photographic Angle, Milton Keynes

200 Faces is an exhibition of 200 portrait photographs by 191 photographers.

The exhibition is testimony to the ever-present, dynamic and enthralling genre of portrait photography as captured by an exciting group of contemporary image-makers in all stages of their careers. These photographers, from all around the world, exemplify the diversity of portrait photography, from the environment in which the subjects sit, to the expressions and emotions, uniforms and props that build the information in the image.

Every portrait photograph reveals more than just the character and appearance of the sitter. When we look at a portrait we also see something of the photographer and something of ourselves. No photograph of another person is capable of revealing a whole and complete being, no matter how much we believe this to be true. Every time we look at a photograph of another person we are aware, however slightly, of the photographer selecting that image from countless other sights, as such that photo embodies their way of seeing. As viewers, we also bring to this relationship between photographer and subject our own perception, our own way of seeing, which is entirely affected by what we know and what we believe.

When we look at a portrait photograph we see a reflection of these perspectives, and the interaction between these ways of seeing. This is part of the enduring fascination with the photographic portrait.

Spread over two buildings a short walk apart…

Exchange House, Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 2EA
Victoria House, Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1AU

2019 Q2 Fotografiska, Whitechapel, London due to open Spring 2019

12 Oct 2018…

V&A Museum, Kensington, London: Photography Centre

Phase 1 opened in 2018. Further phases to come

The V&A has been collecting photographs since 1856, the year the Museum was founded, and it was one of the first museums to present photography exhibitions. Since then the collection has grown to be one of the largest and most important in the world, comprising around 500,000 images. The V&A has added the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) collection to its holdings, which contains around 270,000 photographs, an extensive library, and 6,000 cameras and pieces of equipment associated with leading artists and photographic pioneers.





Time Out

London photographic exhibitions listing

Time Out

London photographic galleries

Quarry Theatre

St Peter’s Street, Bedford. Occasional photographic exhibitions

Photographers Gallery

Various exhibitions

16-18 Ramillies St., London W1F 7LW (near Oxford Circus)
Mon-Sat 10am-6pm; Thu 10am-8pm; Sun 11.30am-6pm
Free before noon then £4, £2.50 concession

 Huxley-Parlour Gallery

Huxley-Parlour have regular exhibitions of original prints from the best photographers. Usually around 20 to 50 prints for any one photographer for a week or more. Free entry, catalogues and book available to purchase

Further information…

Huxley-Parlour Gallery, 3-5 Swallow Street, London W1B 4DE

020 7434 4319

NB Huxley-Parlour Gallery was previously known as Beetles+Huxley

 Michael Hoppen Gallery

Opened in 1992 and is founded on a passion for photography. As a gallery they are renowned for nurturing the careers of new and interesting artists and exhibiting them alongside acknowledged nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century photographic masters.

Spaced over three floors in the heart of Chelsea, London, they provide both a white-wall arena for contemporary artists and a more intimate, book and wood lined context for the smaller and more eclectic works.

3 Jubilee Place • London • SW3 3TD
020 7352 3649

Monday – Friday: 9.30am – 6pm
Saturday: 10:30am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed

Camera Museum

Cafe and display of historic cameras. Hasselblad and Rolleiflex camera repairs. Opposite the British Museum, London.

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 11am – 7pm, Saturday: 12noon – 7pm, Sunday & B H: Closed

44 Museum Street LONDON WC1A 1LY

Tel: 020 72428681   Tube station: Tottenham Court Rd 

The Photographic Angle

Free exhibitions, around 100 to 200 prints, stay for 5 days before being moved on to another town.  Milton Keynes is the nearest town to Bedford on their tour route. They also run free competitions

Always check with the exhibition organisers for latest information and opening hours before travelling

If you hear of another exhibition within a reasonable travelling distance of Bedford please email details to the web content manager