This page, “Genres”, started in October 2016, lists links to web sites of general categories of current sites and practising photographers in their art that will hopefully interest and inspire you.

Most photographers and many photographs will cross boundaries and encompass two or more genres, so, for instance, if you are looking for “abstract landscapes” or “abstract people” try looking in the “Abstract” section as well as the “Landscape”, or “People” section.

As usual, we are not trying to replace Google but just highlight a few good examples of that genre. These may not be the best photographers in their genre, there is not really a “best” photographer, just ones that you prefer over another. Also some very good photographers do not not have a well stocked web site and our aim is to link to web sites with many good (in our opinion) examples.

More genres and links will be added over time. We are not responsible for outside web site content. Please feel free to if a link no longer works or you have an excellent proposal for  a particular genre.

Action and Sport
Mono / Black and White
Portraits and People
Still Life and Macro