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Get to Work

Zack Arias is an Atlanta-based “people” photographer and placed in the world’s top 10 of current commercial photographers. He used to be known as “One Light Arias” due to working with (and only able to afford) one speedlight for his professional come-back. His lectures encouraged students to get the most out of very simple gear. His downloadable video training course One Light 2 is affordable and well worth every penny when you want to learn about lighting. He is considered to be one of the best teachers around.

I find his talks entertaining and I learn a lot from him. However he does sprinkle a liberal amount of every-day profanity in his speech; if you are easily offended then look away now.

Unfortunately he regularly suffers from periods of depression. For several months now he has been working away from the online media as he went through another of these bouts. He usually comes out of them with an encouraging post and this one (August 20th) is hopefully a good sign we will start to see more from him again.

His main theme is: don’t sit around waiting for inspiration, get taking photos, stretch yourself and inspiration will come to you. Worth reading if you feel the need for encouragement to get you up and running again or just want to improve.

The “feature photo” (4 images of man with hat) at the top of this post is one of Zack’s pictures. We have had permission to display it. That image is copyright to Zack Arias and subject to his terms and conditions.