Idle, downtime, coffee break? Some sites worth browsing for photographic images and related stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere in our club website

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Guardian Gallery

The Guardian & Observer (UK daily newspapers) continue to support good photography. Daily Top Photos and other albums worth browsing.  Not always topical news, sometimes just images that caught the picture editor’s eye

Tip: Open an album, scroll down to the first image hover over and click the double arrow on the first image to view the whole album full screen.  Click the “I” icon to get the caption.

Photography Daily

Stories of life, told by photographers. Audio podcasts, not daily but starting out at one every 2 or 3 days. By Neale James, twice Best Wedding photographer

What Makes This Photo Great

Don Giannatti studies the photographs of one top photographer in each episode, for example Herb Ritts

What Artists Do All Day

This was a 2018-19 BBC TV series of 30-minute films, each dedicated to one artist. Five of these artists are photographers. At the time of writing these films are no longer available on the BBC website, however they may be found on Vimeo (see links below) or YouTube. Check out…

Albert Watson – Creative celebrity photography. Famous for his many iconic images, including Steve Jobs and Kate Moss. In this film he is commissioned to create a series of Scottish landscapes Vimeo  – Also see Masters of Photography online course taught by Albert Watson

Dougie Wallace – Street photographer, very much “in your face” and controversial. He uses a small Olympus camera, flash and wide-angle. Vimeo

Dennis Morris – Jamaican music photographer recounts life on the road with Bob Marley and the Sex Pistols, other shoots and talking about his photographic career Vimeo

Tom Wood – Landscape and street photographer Tom Wood is best known for his painstaking years of work in Liverpool and New Brighton. In this film he visits Mayo in the west of Ireland, documenting his encounters whilst photographing the landscape and the people for a new book  Vimeo

Mahtab Hussain is a British fine art portrait photographer whose work comments on cultural differences. In this BBC documentary Mahtab Hussain, known for his portraits of working-class Muslim men exploring masculinity and self-esteem, works on his latest project Vimeo