London Salon

The 2019 London Salon Exhibition is an annual print exhibition of exceptional talent. This year it is to be held at

The Burt Gallery, 57 Union Street, London SE1 1SG

Open from 2pm Tuesday 13th August until 2pm Friday 23rd August (NB closed at the weekends)

The Medal Winners and Acceptances can be viewed online here

You will not be surprised to learn that Jonathan and Sue Vaines have two acceptances each! One of Jonathan’s finds him hanging about in the men’s toilets again, hmmm, people are starting to talk J!  Seriously, very well done to both of you and all the other photographers in this top-class exhibition, INCLUDING a print BCC members will recognise: John Pegram’s: “Two Up Two Down” in the mono section.

I believe every picture in the exhibition is worth a long, hard, analytical look. Every print deserves its place here. How did they make this image? What angle, crop, composition or techniques were used? What was left in or left out? What can I learn from each one?

My overall perception is: many mono, single toned and ‘constrained colour pallette’ images; overall the colours are muted and subtle (in fact hardly any have “realistic” colours, instead they use impressionistic hues); many have added carefully selected, often barely-visible, textures. Few, if any, are “right place, right time” or point-and-shoot but appear to be carefully considered and planned when making the shot. After this they have seen the inside of Photoshop to finish them off, some much more so than others.

We can be sure, before we even go to see them, the physical prints will be of the highest quality too.

What do you think? Worth the trip alone to the Big Smoke?