Look Sharp – Workshop

Sharpening images is usually an important and necessary step to add that “finishing touch” to an image. 

There are usually three stages to adding sharpness but they are not always fully understood as to when and how to apply these.

I have been asked to hold a Zoom workshop to look at what happens when you sharpen an image; why, how and when to apply sharpening; and what sort of sharpening to apply. I will be using Photoshop. It’s a workshop, feel free to comment and ask questions.

The BCC Members’ Sharpening Workshop will be on Friday 19th June, at 9 AM (my apologies to those wanting an evening session but these slots are getting congested and overbooked)

If you would like to join the workshop please email me by early Thursday afternoon. I will send the link out later that day.

I look forward to seeing you then