Create Your Own Image Gallery

The Bedford Camera Club web site has a page of Members Images where any members can display their own choice of their 10 best images. A few members have used this but rarely, if ever, update it. This page has a number of disadvantages: updating the images is a bit of a fag for the member, the images may not be displayed in the way or size the member would like, the limitation of 10 images may not be enough, they might like to add some text, animation or video, they might like to offer the images for sale etc.

To improve this for members it would be better for members to maintain their portfolio images on their own choice of web-based online gallery and we will add a link to their gallery (or galleries) from our Members’ Image page. This way each member has complete freedom to display and update their images as they wish.

Their are many web sites that will display image galleries, some make a charge but many others are free to use.

The two common ways to show off your images are (a) in a “blog” format, where you regularly post a set of images from each photographic event you make, thus your latest images are usually shown first or (b) in a gallery of images where you carefully choose the best ones to display regardless of when they were taken.

Whatever gallery method(s) you choose please send me the link(s) and optionally a small photo of yourself to personalise the entry on the BCC Portfolio page

If you don’t already have a suitable online gallery feature below are a few sites to choose from but there are many other excellent services available. In no particular order…


This page was last updated 16th August 2017






An image storage site. Free to use with some additional features if you take out a subscription (e.g. advert free) but right now most do not need to pay for a subscription. Managed by Yahoo which was sold to Verizon in 2016, speculation on how much longer Flickr is expected to survive is now regularly debated.

Images are stored in the sequence you upload them to the site (called the Photostream). I would suggest you then create albums and select those images for the appropriate album, this way you can sort and update images in the way you want to present them. Albums can be made private (only available to chosen people) or public. Give us the link for the whole photostream or preferably the album list page or just the one BCC album.

Flickr Help pages

How to obtain your link from your Flickr site

Provided Flickr keeps going, and there is nothing yet to say it won’t, it makes an excellent system to store your portfolio. There is a “learning curve” but BCC members should have no difficulties



Free to use with more options for subscriptions. Encourages you to submit only your best images  rather than, as in Flickr’s case, a pool of many images. Create galleries to separate usage. Option to market your images.

500PX is an excellent site for portfolios.


Google Photos

Google Photos is available with your free Google/Gmail account. Google Photos is joined up with Google+ but you can use it separately. It allows you to store your images and group them into albums. I have created a Google Photos User step by step guide to using Google Photos to create a Members’ Portfolio Album.

Google Photos is a reasonable site for portfolios. The album design may not look as good as Flickr or 500px but you can insert text within your images that is not possible with Flickr and 500px. However Flickr and 500px make displaying your titles and comments easier.


Adobe Portfolio

Free to those that pay for an Adobe CC subscription (e.g. the Photoshop/Lightroom package at £10 / month.) Adobe offer several services with their subscriptions including Behance (to demonstrate development projects), Portfolio (to show off your best images) and Spark (web stories.) Any of these can be used to display your portfolio but Portfolio is very good for this. Terry White has a video on how to set up Adobe Portfolio, worth watching. You can create separate galleries inside your portfolio but only one portfolio per CC account. You can personalise the link, e.g. or attach your own domain name to the portfolio.  If you cancel your CC subscription then I assume you will lose your portfolio.

If you subscribe to Adobe CC and intend to keep subscribing then Adobe Portfolio makes an excellent site to show your images. There is a learning curve so watch Terry White’s video.


Zenfolio and SmugMug and PixelRights

Both excellent services paid for annu

ally or monthly, e.g. from £5 / month. Well supported and professionally displayed images. Option to market your images.

Both sites are excellent ways to show off your portfolio if you are happy to pay the fees and use their other services


Camera Systems

Some camera manufacturer’s offer a web site for your portfolio albums, enquire of yours, e.g. Canon Irista



If you are into creating AVs (another example) or videos then YouTube and Vimeo make excellent ways to present your images, although keeping them up-to-date will be a little more work.




The world’s best known blogging web site. Free to use. Create a Facebook account, create a blog post and add some images to this post. Normally chronologically ordered (latest blog post first.) You might not find this service ideal for a “best of” portfolio but can be a good site to post some of your latest images for friends to comment on. It will become “littered” with adverts and posts from other users. The Facebook system uses an image compression algorithm that may not always do the images justice.

You might well prefer to keep any personal Facebook posts separate from the BCC gallery posts.

Personally I would not consider Facebook to show off my favourite images and to be fair Facebook does not promote itself for this purpose.



Free to use. Managed by Google. You can create multiple, separate blogs for one account, e.g. your BCC portfolio blog, your personal blog etc. Several attractive themes to choose from. Select the blog (if you have more than one), make a post and add some images to this post. Much cleaner and better presented than Facebook.  Examples: Ann Miles and Jane Goodall

Blogger is probably not the ideal for a “best of” portfolio but can be a very good site to post your most recent images.



This is Google’s attempt (albeit not very successfully) to compete with Facebook. Free to use. It offers a better way of displaying your images than Facebook but still predominantly a chronological blog. Can be confusing to use.

I find it hard to recommend Google+ If someone has a better handle on how to use it simply and effectively please let me know


Photo Printing Web Sites

Several photographic printers offer image storage and albums. Most only allow the images to be seen as thumbnails and will remove the images after a short period of time. Thus they are rarely suitable for a Portfolio album. If anyone knows differently please let me know


If you have used another good system please let me know