Technical Hints and Tips

Photo Books

I am a firm believer that we must print our images. I also know I am tardy at doing this but I did recently create two photo books, one from Blurb and one from Albelli. The Albelli book had some problems to overcome and I thought these were worth passing on. Also there ...
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Focus Stacking

A narrow depth of field (DoF) is the bane of many a macro photographer. The closer you get to the subject the less DoF. This makes it difficult or impossible to photograph an object in sharp focus right from the front to the back. To get around this limitation focus stacking typically involves taking ...
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More hints and tips may be downloaded in pdf files

 1. Preparation of images for digital projection <PDF>

2. Including the author’s name in all his image files <PDF>

3. Using “Actions” in Photoshop – an introduction to their use <PDF>

3a. Using ‘Action’ to pad PDIs with black  <PDF>

4. Photoshop keyboard shortcuts  <PDF>

5. Windows 7/Vista RAW CODEC  <PDF>

6. Pseudo HDR  <PDF>

7. Creating AV Presentations using the free Microsoft Photostory by Matthew Rowntree link

8. Craft and Vision PDF Book, 11 Ways to Improve Your Photography <free download>

9. Sending large files, an alternative to email  <PDF>

10. Choosing a Printer <PDF>

11. An interesting, geeky, advanced look at RAW and Histograms <link>

12. There are lots of ways to convert to B&W in Photoshop, one Adobe suggestion <PDF>

13. Using the DSCL Print Services  <PDF>

14. I want to sell my work in an art gallery… <three tips>

15. “I want my own photographic web site, what can you suggest?”  <PDF> Updated 29/12/13

16. Photographic Awards (RPS and PAGB)  <PDF>

17. Learning To Speak The Visual Language – Webinar short review  <PDF>

18. Pictures to EXE, Getting started – John Pegram  <PDF>

19. Interesting overview on entering general photographic contests <external link>

20. How to Critique Photographs Constructively <external link>

21. An interesting  and informed (I assume) article on photographic copyrights <external link to PDF >

22. Flash and studio equipment used in a club workshop in November 2014 < PDF>

23. Using Lightroom to create the standard club competition PDIs < PDF >

24. Flash Technicalities, notes from the talk given January 2015 < PDF >

25. Slides from Dan Evans‘ talk on Flower Photography March 2015 (password protected) < PDF >

26. step by step Photoshop instructions to prepare images for a competition Photoshop Resizing and Black Borders

27. De-Mystifying Resolution in Photography (external web page)