2400 Steps

I have now sent out an information tome to everyone who has put their name down for this event, to be held on Tuesday August 21st at 6.30pm.

If you haven’t received this please let me know ASAP.

If you still wish to add yourself to this elite group (we are only accepting clever and handsome people from now on) please email me with the message “Please, please, pretty please, add my name to your event, I wouldn’t want to miss this summer highlight for anything.” and I’ll happily send you the full spec.




Charity Golf Day

Message from Paul Curtis
I am looking for one or two members to join me at a charity golf day to help me to take photographs of the golf action.

I will provide refreshments.

The event is on Friday 24th August at a local golf course. The tee off time is 12-00.  If anyone is interested please contact me as soon as possible on either 07794273552 or email me on paulfcurtis1@gmail .com.   
Thank you

Paul Curtis

2400 Steps – LAST CALL

Several misguided members have already signed up for the 2400 Step evening. If you haven’t done so yet please do so now so I can arrange a suitable padded location for us all.

Easy to do, just take 24 photos, and only 24, no more, no less, each one only after walking 100 steps in any direction of your choice. You can do this alone or holding the hand of a friend.

More info click here

Don’t worry, your shoes won’t look like those above, it can all take place in or near Bedford town centre.

Start at 6.30pm on Tuesday August 21st from the designated meeting place

At the end (probably about 7.30 or 8pm) take your camera to the designated watering-hole so we can take a copy of your 24 images.

These will be printed and we will meet again 2 weeks later (Tuesday September 4th, 7.30pm) with your prints, for a drink and to compare results.

The cost for taking part in the first half (August 21st) will be £3.50 to cover the printing cost

If you can only make one of the two evenings you are still welcome, please let me know which evening you wish to come.

For those that have already signed-up (and had back an acknowledgement from me) full details will be sent to you soon. Anyone else who doesn’t want to miss out please send me your name ASAP so I can reserve you a space.

Looking forward to hearing from you


email: dev@colink.co.uk


Sunrise Photography

Clive has arranged a super day out to close our summer events programme for this season, see below for details:

This is a suggestion for anyone interested in getting beautiful sunrise shots (weather permitting).  The location, Curbar Edge in Derbyshire, has a wonderful view over the Hope Valley and, if the conditions are right, the possibility of a covering of low mist covering the valley floor (see links below)

It would mean an early morning start from Bedford, followed by a good breakfast.  Afterwards one can do some further photography of the streams, Chatsworth House or Bakewell.

When:                        24th September 2018

Depart Bedford:      0430 hours

Arrive Curbar:          0655 hours.  This is the estimated sunrise time.

Details:                      Curbar Edge, Derbyshire.
Post code S32 3YR (approx. location only)
OS grid reference SK263747. Lat 53.268654 // Long -1.610125
Would recommend spending a couple of hours here before moving off for breakfast.

Breakfast:                 Grindleford Station Café.  This is about 15 minutes from Curbar Edge
Station Approach, Upper Padley, Hope Valley
Posy code S32 2JA
OS grid reference SK251787
When I last used this place the food was good and economical

Subsequently:          As already stated above, near the Café there is a walk up the valley with streams flowing, which, dependent on the amount of water, can be quite stunning.  Chatsworth House (Post code DE45 1PP) is nearby as is the town of Bakewell which are all good for photography

Admittedly it is a long day but the photography and scenery are well worth the effort.

We can arrange car sharing and I am willing to take my car.


For photos of Curbar Edge type in Curbar Edge photography or click on https://www.nickscape.co.uk/photography-guide-curbar-baslow-edge

Please contact Clive or summer@bedfordcameraclub.co.uk to express your interest in joining the trip.

Dan Evans Exhibition

Please see details from Dan Evans of an exhibition of his work taking place at the Bunyan Basement from now until 4th August.

North Beds Arts (NBA) have invited me to take part in their exhibition at the Basement @ Bunyan Community Arts Centre in Bedford from Tues 24th July Sat 4thAug  

I will be exhibiting framed landscape and flower limited edition photographic prints, including some local scenes  my prints will be beautifully framed and available for sale with a signed certificate of authenticity. 

I will also be giving a short talk at the same venue on Thurs 27th at 6pm – topic: ‘an introduction to Colour, Composition and Light in Photography – the talk is free to public, following the talk is a private viewing for NBA members only   

full details are here http://danevansphotography.co.uk/landscapes-nature/nba-exhibition/

I hope this is of interest to you.

best wishes


Dan Evans Photography

website: www.danevansphotography.co.uk

e-mail: info@danevansphotography.co.uk

phone (UK): 01234 241976

Summer Event Reminder

Hitchin Lavender

Just to remind you we have an outing planned to Hitchin Lavender,  Cadwell Farm, Arlesey Rd, Ickleford, Hitchin SG5 3UA this coming Tuesday, 24th July.

Meet there at 6.30pm to photograph the lavender field followed by refreshments in the cafe.

If you haven’t been before, look on the Hitchin Lavender website to see how stunning the field looks, especially as the sun is going down.

The cost is £6, including picking a bag of lavender should you wish.

The weather seems to be set fair.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

Any queries, please get in touch with Linda at summer@bedfordcameraclub.co.uk

Special Opportunity

Please read the email below which I received from Luke Brown who runs a free running group –
We’d like to invite you over to take some photographs of us again (I took some in 2016) at the Bedford river festival this weekend (Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th July). We are performing on the grass arena in the sports village at 4:30pm and it would be great to use your expertise. We probably would not be able to pay you for your time, however would be willing to pay for your lunch or meal at our celebratory dinner afterwards.
We would intend to publish the photographs on our website and would put your name and a link to your social media/ photography page if you have one underneath also.
Let me know your thoughts 
Kind Regards,
Luke Brown
Spiral Freerun,
Parkour & Freerunning Co.
This is a good opportunity to get involved in some community photo taking as well as it being a subject we don’t often get the chance to photograph lots of amazing, fast action.
Please let me know as soon as possible (and no later than the end of Thursday) if you would like to help out on linda.swain@sky.com and I will make the arrangements.

2400 Steps

A summer event with a difference, held over two evenings. It is both light-hearted and challenging.

The first half is on Tuesday August 21st.  We meet in Bedford town centre at 6.30pm

The task is easy. Walk 100 steps in any direction your choose, take one photo from that point, walk another 100 steps, take one photo, repeat until you have walked 2400 steps and taken 24 photos.

This should take 60 to 90 minutes. 2400 steps is less than the distance from Bedford Town Bridge to the Suspension Bridge and back again.

N.B. Photos are taken in JPG, only ONE photo is permitted at each stop, no post processing.

At the end we copy your 24 photos to a laptop. We will have these printed for you (24 prints at 6″ x 4″) ready for the second evening.

The second half is on Tuesday, September 4th. This is the review evening. It will be a social evening, possibly at a local pub. You get back your 24 prints. Over a drink (or two) we compare prints, ridicule discuss the shots taken, justify your choices, problems overcome and lessons learned. Leave your ego at the door, it could be embarrassing.

Cost to take part: expected £3.50 to cover the printing


The walk is an extension of one used on photographic degree courses. It forces the photographer out of their comfort zone. You will find yourself in a position, or facing a subject, that you would not normally consider viable. You will have to think carefully about the shot. You only get the one chance at each stop. Choose your composition and exposure with care.

After a while you may start forsaking the norm and begin experimenting, looking for weird patterns, reflections, shapes and obscure lines.  At least that was my excuse, you think of your own.

You will, almost certainly, take some dud shots and more unusual and interesting compositions.

You will learn by thinking through your composition, solving your problems and how other members tackled theirs.

You can walk this on your own or as a pair. Pairs are good; you’ll discuss potential shots, try to take different shots to each other and encourage your other half not to cheat!

This is NOT a competition. There is no prize or glory for the best shot. You are expected to return with some shots that didn’t work and some unusual pictures, perhaps the more weird the better. If your pictures are good club competition shots you may well have missed the whole point.

Are You Up For It?

If you wish to take part let us know. Send an email to ian@colink.co.uk with the message “I may seriously regret this decision but please include me in on the 2400 Steps event

We will send you more details on how this all works, locations, hints and tips and, to prove we are not quite as evil as you may think, tell you where you can, ever-so slightly, bend the rules.



Box End Wakeboarding

The weather is set fair for a great evening at Box End Park tomorrow night to photograph the wakeboarders on the lake.

An excellent opportunity to practise your fast action photography.

Meet by the lake from 6.30pm onwards for a couple of hours of image making followed by socialisation in the bar.