Creating HDR images Using Adobe

Summer is here and that tends to mean high contrast for sunny, midday, outdoor pictures.

Bracketing your shots and combining them into one HDR image can help mitigate some loss of burnt highlights and blocked shadows.


Canine Photos Wanted

The Easter Photo-op Summer Event suggested by Bruce, the Canine Show at Keysoe on April 22nd, was a great place for both dog and people photographs (I rather think the people shots were as interesting as the dogs)

The Members’ photo album for the event is here

Any member who went to this event may submit images to be added to the event album

Instructions on how to submit images are on the foot of the Gallery page, but in brief send no more than 10 JPGs, sRGB, max 1600×1200 with the filename of “your nameimage title”, e.g. Jane Smith – Keysoe 1234.jpg. Email them as attachments (or zip file or via to

Ian Whiting



Further to Paul’s announcement at the club last night…

I have contacted a firm called Frith @ co who supply mounts, backing boards, tape and picture frames. If we register as a club they will offer a discount of 15% on all orders of £300 or more. On smaller orders we may be able to get a smaller discount.

I have been in touch with the company. They will send me some samples which I can put out for you to look at.

Any questions please contact me at the next meeting.

Paul Curtis

Macro Photography

Following on from Dave Smith’s excellent and very impressive demonstration of macro photography last night (2nd April.) 

Dave demonstrated using the Olympus mirrorless camera with built in focus stacking software. The Olympus has two types, which I will call the automated max-8-shot mode and the full-stack mode. Dave was using the full-stack mode which can take hundreds of RAW or JPG images in one stack.

Other mirrorless cameras have a similar full-stack mode, e.g. the Fuji X-T2/3 allows up to 999 frames at 1 to 10 steps at 0-10 second intervals.

I have used focus stacking techniques for several years but I don’t do a lot of it and certainly not at the microscopic level that Dave does.

However I thought I would just add something that might not have been too clearly understood last night.


4-Way Inter Club 2019

Bedford Camera Club 4-way Inter Club 2019

This year Bedford hosted the 4 way Challenge between New City, Shillington, Kempston and Bedford.

Each club has to submit 8 prints and 8 PDIs which are all scored out of 20.


Central Challenge 2019

Bedford Camera Club Central Challenge 2019

The last external event of the season was the Central Challenge which is hosted by New City Camera Club.

 For this event we have to submit 6 images each from a different author and 9 clubs took part this year.


Philip Lepper Trophy

Something Unusual

That is the theme for our next competition, for the Philip Lepper Trophy, being held on Tuesday 26th March.

You can enter up to 3 PDIs – no prints in this event.  Get them logged into photoentry by Tuesday next,  19th March.

We look forward to a good number of entries showing us something creative or unusual so now is the time to get going.

EAF Print Competition

On the 10th March Bedford Camera Club entered the East Anglian Federation of Photography Societies (EAF) print competition. The winner of this competition will then represent the EAF in the National Print Competition later in the year.

Of the 129 clubs who are affiliated to the EAF 23 took part in this year’s competition. Each club has to select 25 prints, 15 are shown in the 1st round and then the top 10 scoring clubs are allowed through to the 2nd round where their remaining 10 prints are judged to find the overall winner. Each print is simultaneously judged by 3 judges and can achieve an overall maximum of 15 points.