Week 10 – Textures and Body

Stuck at Home Weekly Image

Week 9 images (Mono and Colour Popping, set by Moira) are due in by midnight tonight (Sunday 31st), details here

These will be uploaded to a new Event Album on Monday and could be discussed at the members’ Zoom meeting on Tuesday evening.

Week 10 – Textures and Body

The Week 10 the event has been set by Shannon Johnstone…


Week 7 Addendum

The Stuck at Home event this week is for ICM, Out of Focus and/or Silhouettes, see the previous post

I forgot to mention that the ICM subject was also suggested by Jim Boud who included this link for more ideas to explore…


Thanks Jim, sorry I forgot to include this in my post, I have only just noticed it in my rather long list of fiendish subjects for future weeks.


Week 5 Closing and Theme 6

Week 5 – Composition A

The closing date is today, 11.59pm Sunday 3rd May.

Week 6 – Covers

After week 4, Minimalism, which I thought would be a challenging theme (but we had more images submitted than weeks 1 to 3, which was great) I thought week 5, Compositions, thirds and frames, would be a more relaxing theme to go for.  This week we are back to a more challenging theme, something to get your teeth into.

A book publisher has 5 paperback books he needs covers for. For week 6 you have been commissioned to submit images for the covers of 1 to 3 for these books. The books are normally rectangular in portrait format but landscape format could be acceptable to the publisher.

The important aspect is that they need to include enough negative space for the book title and author’s name to be included.