Points of View 2015 Update

Please see the link below which gives details of the meeting place for the 2015 Points of View Competition photography day in Milton Keynes on Sunday 18th October.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Sue Vaines

Any questions please ask on Tuesday 13th October meeting or contact by e-mail externalcomps@bedfordcameraclub.co.uk


Even more hot air than normal at Colmworth Golf Club!

Up, Up and away!  A hot air balloon event next Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, the 25th, 26th and 27th of September.  This is a great photo opportunity for members of the BCC, and Cliff H. says, having been to a mass ascension in New Mexico several years ago, he can tell you that the morning ascensions are always the more dramatic…!  Here’s what the Colmworth Golf Club’s website says about the event.

“It is but a short week away before the Colmworth Golf Club hosts the Autumn Rising for the Chiltern and Region Hot Air Ballons meeting here at Colmworth Golf Club.  Their website says this:

Who can remember last year? Wow! It still makes me buzz even talking about it now. Lets hope we get the same wonderful weather we had then so they can manage all 4 flights again.  The format worked so well last year that they will aim to do the same again this year with morning flights taking off from the 13th green at approximately 6am,  and the evening flights taking off from the 1st fairway at approximately 6pm.

We welcome spectators to come along and watch but you do so at your own risk as the balloons are not commercial flying balloons. However they are all very responsible people and it is such a wonderful sight to see. The Coffee Cup will be open for drinks early evening and also first thing in the morning for tea’s and coffee’s.”

Suggested by Bruce Deacon 19th September 2015