RPS Street Photography Day

Spitalfields Market Street Photography

Several members have asked me about, and shown an interest in, street photography, so this might pique some interest. I’m hoping to attend, but would like to go with others from the club if it can be arranged. So if you intend to book up please do let me know, my email is fireguy999@gmail.com

It’s a bit expensive but the full workshop with videos beforehand will be of interest

There are a couple of links on this page about street photography, a great genre for those with an interest in people.

24 May 2019   10:00 – 16:30

Non RPS Member £126.00  
RPS Member £94.00  



Macro Photography

Following on from Dave Smith’s excellent and very impressive demonstration of macro photography last night (2nd April.) 

Dave demonstrated using the Olympus mirrorless camera with built in focus stacking software. The Olympus has two types, which I will call the automated max-8-shot mode and the full-stack mode. Dave was using the full-stack mode which can take hundreds of RAW or JPG images in one stack.

Other mirrorless cameras have a similar full-stack mode, e.g. the Fuji X-T2/3 allows up to 999 frames at 1 to 10 steps at 0-10 second intervals.

I have used focus stacking techniques for several years but I don’t do a lot of it and certainly not at the microscopic level that Dave does.

However I thought I would just add something that might not have been too clearly understood last night.


4-Way Inter Club 2019

Bedford Camera Club 4-way Inter Club 2019

This year Bedford hosted the 4 way Challenge between New City, Shillington, Kempston and Bedford.

Each club has to submit 8 prints and 8 PDIs which are all scored out of 20.


Central Challenge 2019

Bedford Camera Club Central Challenge 2019

The last external event of the season was the Central Challenge which is hosted by New City Camera Club.

 For this event we have to submit 6 images each from a different author and 9 clubs took part this year.


Philip Lepper Trophy

Something Unusual

That is the theme for our next competition, for the Philip Lepper Trophy, being held on Tuesday 26th March.

You can enter up to 3 PDIs – no prints in this event.  Get them logged into photoentry by Tuesday next,  19th March.

We look forward to a good number of entries showing us something creative or unusual so now is the time to get going.

EAF Print Competition

On the 10th March Bedford Camera Club entered the East Anglian Federation of Photography Societies (EAF) print competition. The winner of this competition will then represent the EAF in the National Print Competition later in the year.

Of the 129 clubs who are affiliated to the EAF 23 took part in this year’s competition. Each club has to select 25 prints, 15 are shown in the 1st round and then the top 10 scoring clubs are allowed through to the 2nd round where their remaining 10 prints are judged to find the overall winner. Each print is simultaneously judged by 3 judges and can achieve an overall maximum of 15 points.


Point to Point and Mounts

Point to Point, Printing and Mounting

Following on from Bruce and John Pegram’s interesting presentations on Tuesday evening, they would like to pass on the following information


Point to Point Racing

The next meet of The Oakley Hunt is at Brafield-on-the-Green, Northamptonshire

Sunday 17th March 2019

This photo opportunity is found on the A428 between Bedford and Northampton. When you arrive at Brafield on the Green, turn left in the centre of the village along Horton Road and the race course is approximately 1 mile along that road on the left-hand side. The following web site gives further details.





See the BCC Resources page (Paper, Printing…) for links to print companies including DSCL as demonstrated by Cliff

Also see the BCC How-To Page (Printing) for some further information


Print Mounting

John’s preferred mountboard supplier is Paper Spectrum


Longridge cutters

Basic Logan 24″ cutter (this is the model I use, not as good nor as sophisticated as John’s but less expensive – Ian)

Logan 301-1 model from Paper Spectrum

Logan UK suppliers


Post Preparation 5th March

Unfortunately, the speaker planned for our 5th March meeting is unable to attend. The fall-back position is that we will run a “members evening” instead.

The full details are still being prepared, but generally the evening will enable members that have any queries about say “colour profiles”, on-line printing, on-line pre-cut mount boards as well as DIY mount cutting, resizing images, PhotoEntry etc to have clear, simple demonstration of “how to do it”.

If you have a particular query which you would like to have addressed, please send an email ASAP to Bruce Deacon at brucedeacon88@gmail.com and we will do our best to include it in the evening.

St Ives Interprint Results

Bedford Camera Club External Competitions

St Ives Interprint competition was held on 23 rd Feb 2019.

28 clubs participated by submitting 8 prints which were displayed as a panel and judged by Rosemary Wilman Judges feedback was then given to a PDI display after the exhibition closed.