High Speed Synch Flash

Last night (27th Jan 2015) I gave a talk on the technical issues of using an external flashgun.

I wanted to demonstrate that using a shutter speed higher than 1/200 sec on a typical DSLR will create a black band obscuring the base of the image, the faster the speed the larger the black band.


Like all good demo’s it failed, the black band did not materialise and I was able to take a complete picture at 1/500 sec. Of course, as I drove home, I realised what had happened.


Using Lightroom to Create a PDI

Club competition PDIs need to be a fixed size with a black background and with an sRGB colour profile.

If you only use Adobe Lightroom this is not so easy to do.

There is now a document on the Members’ Tips page on ways to make Lightroom generate the correct club PDI format


Flash Equipment

During the recent barn owl shoot some members were asking questions about the flash equipment we were using. I have put together a document that lists the equipment and some of the reasons as to why I chose those pieces. I hope it is useful to some one

Flash Equipment