Flash Technicalities

In January I gave a talk covering the technical aspects of external flash guns (and studio strobes)

I have been asked by a few members for some details of the gear I used and other notes from the talk. So I have put this into a PDF document and included it on the Members’ Tips web page


High Speed Synch Flash

Last night (27th Jan 2015) I gave a talk on the technical issues of using an external flashgun.

I wanted to demonstrate that using a shutter speed higher than 1/200 sec on a typical DSLR will create a black band obscuring the base of the image, the faster the speed the larger the black band.


Like all good demo’s it failed, the black band did not materialise and I was able to take a complete picture at 1/500 sec. Of course, as I drove home, I realised what had happened.


Using Lightroom to Create a PDI

Club competition PDIs need to be a fixed size with a black background and with an sRGB colour profile.

If you only use Adobe Lightroom this is not so easy to do.

There is now a document on the Members’ Tips page on ways to make Lightroom generate the correct club PDI format