Free Windows 10 upgrade – Caution

This posting is only of interest to Microsoft Windows users.

Most club members use a Microsoft Windows based PC/laptop, usually with Windows versions 7 or 8.

On July 29th Microsoft will be releasing version 10 (there is no version 9) and are offering it for free to legitimate versions 7 and 8 users.

A word of caution before immediately accepting this offer…


Summer Activity: BBQ


Kathy Brown’s Garden

I am pleased to say that last evening we had a larger than average attendance at Kathy Brown’s Garden.

For those that have not been there, I must say it is a really beautiful garden, and she has done a fantastic job with it. I am sure that those that did attend would have managed to get a few decent photographs. Competition winners? Well, that’s another story.


BBQ – Important Information


Summer Program Update!

Hi Everyone,

Well, for those that missed last Tuesday’s outing to the Birds of Prey Centre, you missed a great opportunity to photograph some beautiful birds. Most of us found out how hard it is to get a perfectly focused photograph of a bird in flight, but it was a good experience.


Summer Events

Hi everyone,

Next Tuesday evening I have arranged a visit to the Birds of Prey center.
Unfortunately, each year they put the price up, and this year they are charging £12.00 per person.
It is therefore important to tell me if you intend joining this photo opportunity as I need to tell the hosts the expected numbers attending.
I have arranged to meet at the venue at 6.30 pm on Tuesday, 30th. June at The Birds of Prey Center, Herring Green Farm, Cotton End Road,, Wilstead, MK45 3DT.
This is a great opportunity to photograph these types of birds in flight, so I hope that some of the newer members can find the time to join in.
Looking forward to seeing you there,


I have just stumbled on a competition you might like to enter.

Photos need to be taken in the UK during 2014/15 and not necessarily in the Easton Walled Garden
Prizes up to £500
Free to enter as many times as you wish, closes 30th September 2015
Read the rules regarding such things as the size, subject categories, they need the original RAW or JPG if you win, limited post processing (no removing objects etc.)
You keep the copyright but, as usual, you grant the organisers free reproduction rights for related competition things such as promotion, web site and winner exhibitions
The list of judges is impressive
It looks like a fair and well organised competition, and did I mention it was free? Worth a try, good luck. All we need now is a summer.

Weekend Away

Hi everyone,

For the benefit of the new members this year, usually, either in the Summer, or in October, the club’s Social Secretary organizes a weekend away. Older club members will be aware of this. In recent years members have enjoyed weekends away in Snowdon, Rye, and Heacham, Apart from the trip to Snowdon, these weekends are open to members and their partners, and are usually well attended, and enjoyed by those participating. Unfortunately, this year, we do not have a Social Secretary on the committee to organise this event.
I would therefore ask for idea’s for a weekend away in October. If any member would like to let me have any ideas on this subject I would be willing to try to take it forward. This would not mean you’d be expected to join the committee, but if any member would like to take on the role of Social Secretary I, and other committee members, would be pleased to hear from you.
Please send any idea’s to me
Regards to one and all,