Pet Photography Competition…!

The Sainsbury’s Bank blog, Money Matters., is currently running a search for the UK’s most photogenic pets.  There’s a chance to win a Fujifilm X30 digital camera, as well as three £100 Sainsbury’s vouchers.

The competition closes on September 29th and will be judged by award-winning UK pet photographer Paul Walker. It can be found here:

Suggested by Cliff Harvey 4th September 2015

Rules for the End of Summer Competition…!

Several of you have asked about various aspects of our annual ‘End of Summer’ competition lately, so here’s a compilation of how that event will be handled.  Peter Symonds will be running the event and will answer any additional questions on the night, but for preparation of your images and the general rules to be followed, please note the information below.


  • The competition will take place at the Renhold Village Hall, 22nd September 2015, from 7 p.m.
  • Up to three (3) PDIs of images taken during any of the summer events from this past summer
  • PDIs to be created and entered in the same way as those for other internal competitions (see the BCC website-, delivered via e-mail to no later than one (1) week prior to the competition.  Any images received later than that date will not be allowed in the competition


  • Only members who submit images for the competition will be allowed to vote
  • Voting will be by written ballot
  • Ballots will contain a list of each image being presented, with a place to select your 1st, 2nd & 3rd place choices
  • The images will be presented on the screen, with the number of the image and the name of the image clearly posted
  • All the images will be shown at least three (3) times, with one (1) additional showing if requested by those present
  • After the images have been displayed the requisite number of times, each member present will be asked to assign their preferences on their ballot
  • Once the ballots have been completed and collected, the internal competition chairmen will add the numbers up from each ballot, and assign three (3) points for each 1st place vote, two (2) points for each 2nd place vote, and one (1) point for each 3rd place vote
  • The 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winners will then be announced to the assembled group, and posted on the BCC website

How to Photograph Landscapes with People In Them…!

Shooting lone figures in a stunning setting is a great way to add another dimension to your landscape photography.  <Here> (from Digital Camera World), Mark Hamblin shares five clever photo ideas to help you breathe new life into your photo compositions by shooting landscapes with people…

Suggested by Cliff Harvey 4th September 2015

Points Of View (POV) Competition 2015 Announced…!

Sue Vaines, having won last year’s POV competition and by so doing has the task of assembling this year’s competition, has now settled on a date and location for this year.  The 2015 POV competition is being held at Milton Keynes, on the 18th of October, so put that date in your calendars and prepare for battle…!

The title this year is “A Slice Of Milton Keynes”, and here are the particulars.

•Meet at the Car Park off Green Lane Roundabout, on the intersection of Overgate & Silbury Boulevard)

•Car Parking is Free

•Meet time from 09:30

•Event starts at 10:00 and will run to 15:00

•Further details will be e-mailed closer to the time of the event

•Instructions for the image requirements will be issued on the day

Any question – please ask!

Sue Vaines (

A layman’s guide to focus points…!

What are focus points and why are they important? If you’re new to photography you might understandably have a few questions about some of the technology and techniques.  In Digital Camera World’s latest layman’s guide <here>, they answer some of the most common questions photographers have about using focus points.

Suggested by Cliff Harvey 2nd September 2015

Fancy a 1940s Weekend Day Out with the Family…?

The ‘Life on the Holme Front’ event has been running since 2007, and the event gets better every year!  A fantastic weekend for the whole family where you can learn what village life was like during WWII.  The whole village gets involved…!  Sounds like a great opportunity for some ‘new’ photos of ‘old’ scenes…!  <Here> is the website for the event, and <here> is the PDF of the event.

Suggested by Paul Curtis 1st September 2015

Photo Books

I am a firm believer that we must print our images. I also know I am tardy at doing this but I did recently create two photo books, one from Blurb and one from Albelli.

The Albelli book had some problems to overcome and I thought these were worth passing on.

Also there is a very good offer right now from Albelli that you might like to take advantage of, details below.