Thoughts, from the Eric Kim Street Photography Blog…!

Suggested by Cliff Harvey:
I’m not into the Zen or Taoism philosophies at all, but when I happened onto this specific post by eminent street photographer Eric Kim, I thought it had some great ideas and thoughts that might be taken on board to make us all better photographers.  See if you agree with me…!

You can see his full posting from October 7, 2014 titled “15 (More) Lessons Taoism Has Taught Me About Street Photography” <<here>

New Information for all you AVers…!

Hi All!  Good news!  We’ve booked the Renhold Village Hall for the entire 2015/16 season, from September through to May.  Times, as with previous meetings, are the third Wednesday of each month, 19:30 to 21:30.  View the programme for the actual dates.

Do you require further images for your Bedford Park AV?  If so, this coming weekend the park is hosting three music events; see

The forthcoming Royal Photographic Society (RPS) National AV Festival will be soon upon us.  So far, three of us have put our names down to go on the Saturday 5th September.  For further information about this festival, see  Please let us know as soon as possible if you’re interested in going.


Tony & John

Summer events

IMG_0327RLast Tuesday’s BBQ went very well, with about 25 guests. Luckily the weather, although overcast, kept us dry. I have to thank both Mike and Sue again, for not only allowing us to use their home at short notice, but for some excellent cooking. I am sure that all those attending had a very enjoyable evening.

Free Windows 10 upgrade – Caution

This posting is only of interest to Microsoft Windows users.

Most club members use a Microsoft Windows based PC/laptop, usually with Windows versions 7 or 8.

On July 29th Microsoft will be releasing version 10 (there is no version 9) and are offering it for free to legitimate versions 7 and 8 users.

A word of caution before immediately accepting this offer…


Summer Activity: BBQ


Kathy Brown’s Garden

I am pleased to say that last evening we had a larger than average attendance at Kathy Brown’s Garden.

For those that have not been there, I must say it is a really beautiful garden, and she has done a fantastic job with it. I am sure that those that did attend would have managed to get a few decent photographs. Competition winners? Well, that’s another story.


BBQ – Important Information


Summer Program Update!

Hi Everyone,

Well, for those that missed last Tuesday’s outing to the Birds of Prey Centre, you missed a great opportunity to photograph some beautiful birds. Most of us found out how hard it is to get a perfectly focused photograph of a bird in flight, but it was a good experience.