Member’s Image Gallery is Changing

One of the more popular camera club web pages is the one which shows off the members’ own work. Anyone searching for a club to join in their area has a look to see what standard the members are at.

For many years The BCC has maintained a members’ image gallery page but this is only used by a few members and rarely updated. The size, format, quantity and age of the images are not really doing our members justice.


Photographing a Vineyard

Photo Opportunity for Wine Lovers

If you were not aware of it Bedfordshire has its very own vineyard, The Warden Abbey Community Vineyard, about 2 or 3 miles south of Cardington. Hidden from the road and only occasionally open to the public. It is run by volunteers and provides an enjoyable, outdoor work experience for anyone interested in wines and vines plus an educational resource and for social and therapeutic horticulture. Community owned and non-profit making where any income from wine sales are either ploughed back into the vineyard or go to charity.


Garden tickets 2 for 1 deal

If you enjoy photographing the glorious gardens around the UK do look for the May edition of the Gardeners World magazine which is due out on April 25th. It costs £6 but includes a 2 for 1 entry card, use it as often as you want until April 2018.

We get this each year and it can pay for itself on just the first garden that you and your partner/friend visit.


Summer Group

It might not feel much like summer right now, although last weekend did. But now is the time to get the summer events organised

Polo by Cliff Harvey

This year we asked members to send ideas for summer events to Tony Wren, ones that they would like to attend and were willing to help organise.

Tony was underwhelmed by the one (or maybe two) suggestions he received. So we have decided to try a slightly different route.


Free Photographic Video Courses

Coursera is a web site that runs many free and paid-for online courses. These are often run by universities, both American and of other countries. Typically they can take 2 or 3 hours a week and go on for 3, 5, 6 or more weeks. One that might interest you is…

Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization

It has 5 modules starting with the very basic instruction upwards. You don’t have to start at the beginning, you can “enrol” straight into any one of the modules. For instance module 3 is The Principles of Photo Composition and Digital Image Post-Production. This module is 4 weeks long at a suggested 2 to 3 hours per week.

This is a free course if you only watch the video lectures, or you can pay (rather a steep £39 / month) to get more interactivity, e.g. quizzes and forums. They offer a 7-day free trial to the full course and videos but I opted for just the free video lectures.

To get access to just the free videos which can be watched online or downloaded: Open a free account on Coursera. Click the ENROLL button for the module that interests you. You will get a form that encourages you to sign up for the 7-day trial but just click the “AUDIT ONLY” link at the bottom of this window to get straight into the module’s videos with no further ado.

If these modules are not advanced enough for you search around in Coursera for modules that might be of more interest.






External Competition Results

Central Club Challenge 9th March 2017

On the 9th March Bedford together with 9 other clubs entered the Central Club Challenge hosted by New City Photographic Society.

East Anglian Federation Print Championship 12th March 2017

Judging at the East Anglian Federation print championship was fast and furious. 26 clubs of the 127 clubs within the EAF region went head to head to be selected to represent East Anglia at the Photographic Association of Great Britain in October 2017.

Full report for both events here…

Central Club Challenge and EAF Print Competition Results 2017

Photographic History – BBC Films

Looking for something to watch? The BBC I-Player currently has a number of videos looking at the history of photography.


Britain In Focus – A Photographic History

Eamonn McCabe explores how science and technology allowed pioneering photographers like Roger Fenton and Julia Margaret Cameron to create a new art form.

Interesting potted history. He omits some important milestones but what he covers makes a good and easy-to-watch piece.

Episode 1 of 3…

Episode 2 to be shown (Monday March 13th 9pm BBC 4 – link)


EAF Inter-club PDI Championship

On the 5th February representatives from 33 clubs in our region gathered for the yearly EAF PDI Championship in a community hall outside Cambridge. The 33 clubs represents about 25% of the EAF membership. The top club would win the coveted trophy and the top two clubs would represent the EAF at the PAGBPDI Club Championships in Warwick. The judges were Bill Hall, Barry Mead and Leo Rich. All who have too many letters after their names to mention!

The BCC was just 5 marks (162 to 167) short of getting into the coveted second and final round! Oh so close.

Results and Full report here

Stan Searle Trophy

Here is your friendly reminder that midnight on Tuesday 28th February is the deadline for entries to this year’s Stan Searle Trophy competition.

Send in up to three PDIs on the theme of ‘Person or People’.  PDIs only this time, no prints.

The subject matter – Person or People – must be the principal content of each image.

The competition takes place on 7th March with Trevor Rudkin judging the entries.  See you there.