Each month of the club season, we produce a bulletin, which is circulated to members.  This bulletin contains some of the club activities, details competition results and provides a forum for members to express their views and exchange photographic tips and experiences. Articles for Snapshot can be sent to Lynn at

The latest bulletins are now available by using the links below.

Snapshot May 2016 (updated 08/05/16)

Snapshot April 2016

Snapshot March 2016

Snapshot February 2016

Snapshot January 2016

Snapshot December 2015

Snapshot November 2015

Snapshot October 2015

Snapshot March 2015

Snapshot February 2015

Snapshot January 2015

Snapshot December 2014

Snapshot November 2014

Snapshot October 2014

In Focus May 2014



A newsletter is automatically sent to members at around 7pm each evening whenever there are one or more news postings made that day. The news postings (e.g. summer activities, programme changes, local photo opportunities) can be found on the BCC NEWS page.