Off Camera Flash Studio Workshop Feb 8th

As you will know from the club programme, in February (Tuesday 20th) Cliff is organising a practical studio shoot. This will be a great opportunity to bring your cameras and take portraits, from face to full height shoots. The plan is to build three separate sets in the school hall, each with its own lighting.  There will be one or more models at each set.  You can move between sets, connect your camera to the lights and conduct your own shoot. 

Prior to this evening I am offering to run a preliminary studio workshop for any member interested in gaining some experience of a studio shoot before this event.

This preliminary workshop will be on Thursday 8th February at Cople Village Hall, 7pm to 9.40pm.

The evening is open to any member who wishes to learn or refresh the basics of flash photography using both flashguns (AKA speedlights) and studio lights. 

It will be a casual evening, the plan is for some brief but essential theory and a lot of practical.

The theory will cover the basics of what, why and how we use a flashgun or studio light.

The practical will cover…

Flash triggers, both wired and radio.

Using a light meter (not an essential bit of kit but worth appreciating how they work.)

Staging a studio shoot…

Building a small studio set (for both a studio light and a flashgun)

Modifiers (e.g. umbrella and softbox)

Directing a model. Some posing practice for both male and female subjects.

Using one key light, add a reflector, add a rim/hair/kicker light, a fill light, flags.

Some tricks using colour gels, creating shadows, changing background colours

This is quite an ambitious plan for just two hours. We may not have time to cover all of these things but if there is enough interest I am happy to continue another evening.

All you need bring is your camera. We will need to take turns in being the model (unless someone can find a volunteer.)

There will be a charge to share the hall hire costs. I need a group of at least 6 (£5.50 each) and no more than 10 (£3.30 each) to sign-up to make it worthwhile. If you are interested please let me know by January 27th at the latest otherwise the hall booking will need to be cancelled.

Cople Village Hall is easy to find, about 10 minutes drive east of Bedford. Plenty of parking.

Look forward to hearing from you, any questions please ask me.