Photo Entry Help

Photo Entry (PE) is our new method for members to submit competition entries directly online.
It is a BIG time-saver, both for the Competition Secretary and for yourselves. The feedback has been very positive. Most members have been using it with no problem.
However one or two have had a problem so I would like to make you aware of some points to bear in mind.

Do It Now

If you have not done so yet please check you can login to PE now and don’t wait until the last day. Otherwise, we may not have time to sort out any problems you may have before the closing date. You have been warned.


Online Help

PE has some very helpful FAQs, see HELP in the top left of the screen after you have logged in.
Many entry fields have a “?” in a circle after them Hover your mouse over this button for a pop-up help box.
If you see an amber (warning) or red (error) message try hovering the mouse over the message to see a more detailed pop-up explanation.

Large View

After you have uploaded an image you will see a small confirmation thumbnail image. If you click on the thumbnail image you will see a full screen sized copy. This can be a useful check when you have allowed PE to change your image size or colour profile.

Password not working

If you are having problems logging in at the Photo Entry system please work through this list …

  1. When logging in only use your supplied User ID, e.g.    bccSamSmith   and NOT your email address. The User ID is not case sensitive, e.g. bccsamsmith  or   bCcSamsMith   will both work.

  2. The password is case sensitiveIf you have used any capital letters in your password, e.g. Bus-88-worK-violin-2267, then you must type it in exactly the same way, i.e. using all lower case except upper case B and K.     If this fails check you don’t have CAPS LOCK set on by accident.
If your password still does not work…
Step 1
Go to the normal Photo Entry LOG IN screen
Click FORGOTTEN PASSWORD. Enter your User ID, e.g.    bccsamsmith
Step 2
Wait a few minutes and you should receive an email saying “To change your password click the link in this email.”
Click the link.
For security reasons this link needs clicking before the stated date and time else the link will expire and your password will not be changed. If you miss the short deadline you will need to go back to Step 1 above.
Step 3
A second email will arrive with a new temporary password (which can be used only once.) Log in with your User ID and this new temporary password. The new password is in lower case letters so make sure you have CAPS LOCK off. The first time only you log in you will be asked to supply a new, permanent password.
Hopefully this will resolve your problem.

Emails Not Arriving

If you have used the FORGOTTEN PASSWORD link but you do not get an email reply please check each of the following…

  1. Look in your SPAM folder, if it is in spam then add to your contacts or white list (do that anyway to be sure)
  2. Are you looking directly in the INBOX and SPAM folder for the email address that the BCC is using? Don’t just rely on an automated forwarding to a different mail address
  3. Have you changed your email address and forgotten to tell the BCC competition secretary?
  4. Normally the emails are sent within 2 minutes, sometimes they take a little longer, have you waited for longer than 30 minutes?
  5. Your app may not be refreshing your email as frequently as you think, look for a “refresh” button?
We have also found some ISP’s throw mail away when it thinks it is spam. Particular culprits are BT, Yahoo and Sky, there may be others. We have found GMAIL to be more reliable. If you have a problematic ISP consider opening a free GMAIL account just for your BCC correspondence and let us know what it is so we can update your Photo Entry account.


If you still cannot upload an image, as a final resort, bring the image(s) on a memory stick to the club before the closing date. Clearly identify which image(s) are for which competition, for example, the Stan Searle or the Seasonal Points PDI or Seasonal Points Print competition. Mark your name on the memory stick for its return.
If you are not able to come to the club please contact the Competition Secretary on well before the closing date for alternative arrangements.
More information can be found at