Points of View Recap

Many thanks to all those who were able to get to the POV event in Sharnbrook over the past weekend.

The weather was warm and sunny both days, so I guess we will be short of a few dramatic storm images

Just to let you know, you need to submit 6 images, one image for each of the 6 themes. Submit all six via the usual Photo Entry website by December 1st.

Note: After uploading each image you will see the warning “Insufficient Entries” until after your 6th image has been uploaded.

Optionally, creative post-processing and composites are allowed but you cannot add anything to an image that was not taken at Sharnbrook over the weekend.

The title for each image does not have to be the theme title, you can give it any title you like but the order of these in Photo Entry needs to match the theme numbers, for instance the first one will be for the COMMUNITY theme. If yours are uploaded out of order you can re-arrange them within Photo Entry by using the up and down arrow buttons.

The themes were…

1.    Community
2.    Weather
3.    Liquid
4.    Line(s)
5.    Living
6.    Iconic Sharnbrook

Ian McKenzie is the club’s competition secretary and will be running the competition. If you have any questions, Ian is your man.

Good luck, the winner is awarded the cup, chooses next year’s location and its themes.

Ian Whiting