Prepare now for the “3 From 6” evening

On November 21st the club has a Members’ Evening, the “3 From 6” event.

Prior to this date participating club members will have chosen up to three from six given images and applied whatever techniques they desire to the image to improve/alter/manipulate/create etc.  These final images will then be projected on the 21st November and each author will have the opportunity to summarise what they did and why.

This is not a competition and neither is it an exercise in showing off how good you are at Photoshop, but it is an opportunity to show how you have approached each image. Is it already perfect? Would a mono conversion improve it? Would you straighten, crop or remove parts? Highlight and darken areas? Would you change it completely; add a new sky, overlay a texture, turn it upside down? Go mad, surprise us, everyone has their own ideas, fly your own kite, anything goes.

Bruce has selected six challenging images provided by some gullible generous members. We ask each club member to choose 1, 2 or 3 of these images to work on. This is an optional exercise but the more members that take part the more we will all learn.

You will need to upload the finished image(s) to the usual competition address (although this is definitely not a competition) in the usual format (1600 x 1200, sRGB) by 14th November. Take advantage of a wet weekend, download your chosen image(s) now and get going. On the 21st you will have your chance to tell members how you approached an image. If your memory is anything like mine you may like to keep a few written notes as you work on them!

As of 20/10/17 the six images are now online for downloading in both JPG and RAW versions. Members will have been emailed the links for these images along with some instructions. If any member has not received their links by 21/10/17 please check your spam folder otherwise let Ian know at

If you are in any doubt how to take part please let Bruce know at