Club Programme for 2021 – 2022

We have an exciting programme of events, competitions and great lectures planned for October 2021 to May 2022

We are planning to return to Scott Lower School in October for all talks and meetings, obviously keeping a watch on the Covid situation and following all UK Government requirements which could mean reverting back to online meetings if necessary.

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More details to come, watch this space

Programme Secretary Mike Clifton




Club Programme for Last Year 2020 – 2021



Visiting Speakers' Highlights for last year, 2020-21

The Bedford Camera Club year (October to May) has weekly meetings. This year to be held in private online group Zoom meetings until we can safely return to live meetings again. These include multiple photographic competitions with critiques from visiting judges, workshops and one or two social events.

We also have a host of evenings given over to visiting professionals and specialised speakers to inspire and improve our photography. Below we have highlighted the speakers' presentation evenings. Club members are free to attend all evenings, which offers amazing value for the club membership fee.



13th October 2020

The Art of Metamorphosis
Andrea Hargreaves  MPAGB  EFIAF/b  BPE3  PSA4

A National and International award-winning Photographer and Digital Artist based in Selby, North Yorkshire, England UK. Her digital artworks are composed entirely from photographs she has taken, including all textures & overlays. Many of her photographs & Digital Artworks have been exhibited widely throughout the UK in Photographic Salons and Exhibitions and she has had images in publications such as Yorkshire Life magazine, Amateur Photography magazine & in local papers.


20th October 2020

Landscape Photography
Colin Mill

Local photographer, member of New City Camera Club. As with most new photographers he initially took photographs of anything and everything he saw, he even did weddings part-time with a local professional for a while. Slowly though he started taking more landscapes which were the sole subject of his photography. Recently that trend has reversed and, although the majority of his images are still landscapes, he is just as much at home these days setting up still life shots, shooting concerts, or just shooting landscapes.


3rd November 2020

Adventures of a Wildlife Photographer
Simon Roy

Is an awarding-winning wildlife photographer based in Wetherby, Yorkshire, UK. He enjoys exposing the beautiful, fragile, yet enduring nature of our British Wildlife.  His work is widely published and has been highly commended in the British Wildlife Photography Awards, International Garden Photographer of the Year, and Bird Photographer of the Year competitions.

10th November 2020

Portraiture through the Ages
Dr. Thomas Peck

He has been taking photographs for many years now. He originally focused mostly on macro photography of flowers, and then expanded to include landscape and portraiture. He has been to see us before and is an excellent speaker.


1st December 2020

Life in the Fast Lane
Mike Inkley

An outstanding Sports photographer, with over 30 years of professional experience, he is an Olympus Camera Visionary photographer with over 1500 published articles under his belt and over 5,000 published images. Over 100 million people have seen his images globally. They have been used by the BBC. Channel 4, Channel 5, and all major the major UK National papers and Internationally


5th January 2021

Sharp Shooting
Bob Brind Surch

Bob has been a keen naturalist from a very young age and a photographer from his late teens. He is foremost a naturalist who photographs what he observes rather than a photographer specialising in wildlife. He is an excellent speaker on many aspects of photography having been a teacher and Head Master, his talks are well worth watching. This talk looks at how to get really sharp photos


19th January 2021

Macro Photography
Roger Hance

Roger’s talk is a new presentation and it shows the various skills and techniques that he uses in the field of Macro Photography. He explains the equipment he uses and shows some of the unusual things he carries in his camera bag that help him to get sharp images. The talk covers a wide range of nature subjects including butterflies, moths, dragonflies, wild flowers, fungi, frost patterns, cobwebs and much more




26th January 2021

Members' Evening 

We have three club members who have kindly offered to give presentations on the following

John Pegram – “Producing Photo Books” 

Faye Dunmall – “Landscape Photography”

Steve Newman – An introduction to Bedford Camera Club’s new Members Group Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you all again, via Zoom, for what promises to be interesting and informative short series of presentations.

2nd February 2021

Image Reality - a History of Documentary and Street Photography
Dr. Thomas Peck

Change: Please note, today's talk by Dr Tom Pack will no longer be on mobile phone photography but as titled above

"Images show what has happened, don’t they? They depict reality, they are ‘proof’. Documentary photography gives insight into events and street photography allows us to glimpse other people’s behaviour. This talk will take us through the history of documentary/street photography using well known photographs liberally mixed with the author’s own photography. We will ask the question: is what we see in the photographs actually reality? Can we trust these ‘documentary’ photographs? ​"

9th February 2021

Classic Aircraft From the Ground and the Air
Darren Harbar

Darren Harbar Photography is his commercial photography business based in Bedfordshire. The vast majority of his work is in the field of vintage aviation, which includes capturing images of classic aircraft from another aircraft in formation.  His work also covers a range of commercial imaging services, including commercial photography & photography training

23rd February 2021

Life in the Blender
Jonathan Vaines AFIAP DPAGB LRPS

Blend modes are often talked about but what are they and what do they do. In Jonathan’s talk you will see what Post Processing modes can do and a practical use for them to help you improve your images, from simple halo removal to applying textures, but our many cameras also have the ability to blend images too. See how this done and what a very different result this gives.

2nd March 2021

The Soul of the Creator
Paul Sanders

Paul is a fine art photographer, Fuji ambassador, speaker and photography mentor. He is passionate about the benefits of photography to mental health and wellness. He is an inspiring and intuitive photography mentor, possessing the rare ability to push people out of their comfort zone just enough for the magic to happen

23rd March 2021

The Art of Wildlife Photography
Tom Way

Tom gives a detailed insight into his life as a fine art photographer. He will talk about the three key components that are essential in creating powerful and evocative wildlife imagery. He is internationally recognised for his powerful and engaging photos of animals and has won many International awards

30th March 2021

Making the Connection
Colin Southgate – FRPS

In Making the Connection, the connection I am seeking to make is with art world, therefore the emphasis is on the creative side of photography although there may be one or two diversions into slightly more traditional areas. As photographers become ever more creative and reach out to the art world so too have many artists started to incorporate photography into their art.

This highlights section is under development, full details are in the main programme edition (see link above), more to come...