Club Programme for 2018 – 2019

This programme is free to all members – join here.  Talks are also open to visitors, when space is available.
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We have an exciting programme of events, competitions and great lectures this season, put together by our Programme Secretary Bruce Deacon

Highlights of This Year’s Lectures and Talks

Tuesday 9th October 2018

James Abbott

Landscape Photography: Making it Happen

Derelict Barn at The Roaches in the Peak District (Staffordshire)


James Abbott  is a landscape and portrait photographer, freelance photography journalist and editor specializing in photography techniques, tutorials and reviews.  If you can think of a subject, he has probably photographed it !

In this talk James will explain his approach to landscape photography and how both getting things right in-camera, and the editing process are equally important elements of his workflow. In the second part of the talk, James will walk you through the process of shooting and editing focus stacked landscape images with a live Lightroom and Photoshop demonstration.

Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Portrait Photo Shoot

“Live” models and a selection of props and lighting/equipment will enable members to practice portrait photography.

David Smith of Frog Labs Photography will be on hand throughout the evening to give advice and help. 

(Club members only)

Tuesday 30th October 2018

Justin Minns

East Anglian Landscape

Justin is a landscape photographer and workshop leader who has been working with the National Trust for several years. His images have been widely recognized in photographic competitions including Landscape Photographer of the Year.

Over the last few years his landscape photography has gone from being a healthy obsession to a profession. This presentation, illustrated by images of East Anglia, will pass along some of the things learnt along the way with the emphasis on the input of the photographer rather than the camera.

Tuesday 27th November 2018

Paul Mitchell FRPS

Woodland Ways

Paul will share some of his inspirations, influences and thought processes when capturing woodland scenes, an aspect of landscape photography which most people find notoriously difficult.

During the evening he will also impart some of his compositional tips and techniques to create images that have gained him many awards and accolades.

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Jonathan Vaines LRPS, CPAGB

Compose Yourself

An introduction to some of the key compositional elements of photography.

After we have all begun to understand the basis of our cameras we often find composition a mystery. It certainly improves any photograph but what is it?

In this talk Jonathan will show some of the key “rules” of composition and how to apply them. Composition is a development of a photographer’s seeing eye.

The talk will be supported with both PDI and Print images.

Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Dr Tom Peck

Leica – Probably the most influential camera in the world, ever

Dr Thomas Peck (contributor to Black & White Photography and traces the history of Leica from
1900 to the present day to show how this brand revolutionised the way we take photographs.

Even today, in the era of high megapixel digital photography, we all still use the basic camera body shapes and shoot the image formats that have their roots in Leica’s ground breaking developments in the early 20th Century.

This presentation is much more than a simple history lesson however. The talk is interspersed with a quiz on famous (Leica)
photographs and their authors, and the presenter shares his own personal history with Leica via a series of portfolios taken with a combination of a modern day M9 Leica and a 1936 screw mount Leica II.

The presenter brings along a selection of Leica memorabilia so the audience can get a chance to experience what a Leica feels like. A 90 minute fun, informative and personal run through of the most influential camera brand in the world.

Tuesday 29th January 2019

Paul and Filly Bonito-Brook

Club members Paul and Filly are both not only landscape photographers but they also enjoy portraiture and sport.

Followed by many on social media, this has led to requests to run landscape photography workshops which have proved to be very successful in this past year. They regularly meet with other photographers from around the country, sharing opinions and different views on landscape photography.

This talk is mainly aimed at how to, first of all, get your image right in camera and the thought process behind the image to achieve the look you have in mind. It includes the use of filters which is a very big part of landscape photography and some editing tips.

They will also be talking about their adventures and mishaps and hope that you will find the talk both educational and entertaining.

They have recently been appointed as ambassadors for NiSi filters

Tuesday 12th February 2019

Composition Appraisal – Jonathan Vaines LRPS, CPAGB

Please note, due to a health issue, for which we wish our previously booked speaker a speedy recovery, this is a change to our programme.

Jonathan Vaines - It's a Man's World

Jonathan Vaines – It’s a Man’s World

Following a very interesting, entertaining and informative talk from Jonathan Vaines on January 8th we welcome him back to offer a “Composition Appraisal Evening”.

Jonathan will discuss the compositional elements of images using members own work – not judging nor scoring, but simply critiquing the images based on all the points he highlighted on his previous talk.   
The evening will be interactive with questions throughout to allow everyone to explore, read and understand the compositional value of their image.
Jonathan may also offer other examples of composition elements.
We are not aware of anything like this having been run before, it will be new to both Jonathan and us. We know Jonathan well so we are certain we will learn a lot both from Jonathan and the audience discussions.
We will be asking for an image from each member for Jonathan to discuss. We will also accept an image from any guests who attended his January 8th talk assuming they would like to return for this follow up evening.
Image uploading details for members are here

Tuesday 19th February 2019

Chris Upton ARPS

Thoresby – The End of the Mine

Thoresby Colliery, the last pit in Nottinghamshire, closed in July 2015 bringing to an end over 900 years of mining in the county.

This presentation tells the story of how the project came about, how it was shot and the resulting exhibition, AV, book and extensive publicity

A great example of “how to shoot a project”.

Tuesday 5th March 2019

Dr Tom Peck

The Photographic Sublime

We are sorry but Dr Tom Peck has had to cancel his visit.

A replacement event will be announced ASAP

Tuesday 19th March 2019

Daniel Trim

My Photographic Journey

Wildlife Photographer

Daniel’s presentation this evening will cover his progression as a photographer, his BWPA award winning photos and some recent projects in Madagascar, the sea bird colonies of Saltee in Ireland and his local hare population.

Tuesday 2nd April 2019

President’s Evening

Dave Smith – Focus Stacking & Light Painting

Cliff has arranged for Dave Smith to run a workshop, demonstrating focus stacking and light painting with long exposures.

The first half will be focus stacking for insects. This will be start to finish; from setting the insect up, shooting bracketed shots and then processing that in stacking software. 

The second half will be an abstract light painting session. This will show how we can use both cheap and accessible tools as well as those purpose built for light painting, to create some wonderful images.

Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Steve Best

Photographer and stand-up comedian

Known for his excellent B&W portraits of stand-up comedians on and off stage

“Steve does a wonderful talk/show/lecture about his journey through being a stand-up comedian to a photographer to the baffling world of publishing, and out the other end to who knows where?

There are plenty of jokes and slides and insights into the comedy world, to the cameras he uses, to the whys, and dos and don’ts!​”

Tuesday 30th April 2019

Ian Wilson ARPS

The Royal Photographic Society

Ian is a member of Cambridge Camera Club and an assessor on the Royal Photographic Society distinctions panel.

Tonight’s presentation will set out what the RPS is all about, the levels of distinction that can be applied for and the benefits of being a member.

Bedford Camera Club now has four LRPS members and one recent ARPS. Other members of the club are in the process of applying for either an LRPS or ARPS distinction.

As well as Ian’s talk, several club members will explain why they decided to work towards a distinction and what they got out of the process.

Examples of the three levels of distinction, kindly loaned to us by the RPS, will be on display during the evening.


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