Seasonal Points Competition Results

Seasonal Points Scores

Now that we use Photoentry to upload our images for competitions, we have a new bonus feature.

By logging in with your user ID, you will see that your scores for this week’s competition are now recorded.

Just go to Seasonal Points 2018 – 19 and select either the PDIs or Prints 16th October competition.  You will see your scores to the right of your images.

You can also compare results by viewing all scores in each competition.

To do this go to the Seasonal Points page.  Above the list of competitions you will see two buttons

  • the first states League PDIs/prints 2018-19, you can use the down arrow to choose between the two
  • click on the second ‘Show Series Results’ to reveal a list of all scores in the competition

Remember that all future competitions are open for you to enter your images at any time you like.