Snowdrops Photo Opportunity

If you are looking for snowdrops to photograph I can suggest Moggerhanger Park. It’s just 10 minutes drive east (A603) from Bedford, free entry, car park 1 minute from the wood, more than enough snowdrops to photograph and plenty of light through the trees.

A few I took today

If you have not tried this before here are a few thoughts on how I approach them (you may prefer a different approach)

  • If you tread very carefully at Moggerhanger you can get in amongst the snowdrops to find that patch in just the right light
  • Snowdrops are small and hang down, get down low. An articulated LCD really helps me here
  • On Victoria Hillman’s workshop (macro flowers) she insisted we did no gardening, but I prefer to remove the twigs that get caught within their stems, and remove or arrange the dead leaves. But still I don’t spot them all and they are a pain to remove in Photoshop. Though I like to leave some “debris” scattered about.
  • Watch the backgrounds. I sometimes move a log to put behind a clump for a different background. Happily snowdrop pictures seem to work with both lighter and darker backgrounds.
  • Watch your exposure. A lot of dark leaves and soil may cause the auto to overexpose and blow out the petals. On the other hand if you are in close to the white flower head or have a bright sky background it may underexpose.
  • Watch the aperture, wide apertures, e.g. f/1.8, are great for atmospheric images but overdo it and the limited DoF might leave a little too much out of focus. Try shooting through one clump close to the lens, focusing on the next clump a short distance away.
  • If the sun is too bright hold a small diffuser (a small pop-out 5-in-1 is handy) over the flowers.
  • Keep the ISO low even if that means longer exposures. Use a mini tripod or rest the camera on a jumper on the ground, I use the 2 second timer to avoid camera shake.
  • Take some gloves. I didn’t today, the temp was 5C so I thought that it would be OK, but the “feels like” temp turned out to be -3C and I regretted it. Didn’t stay long.