Special Opportunity

Please read the email below which I received from Luke Brown who runs a free running group –
We’d like to invite you over to take some photographs of us again (I took some in 2016) at the Bedford river festival this weekend (Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th July). We are performing on the grass arena in the sports village at 4:30pm and it would be great to use your expertise. We probably would not be able to pay you for your time, however would be willing to pay for your lunch or meal at our celebratory dinner afterwards.
We would intend to publish the photographs on our website and would put your name and a link to your social media/ photography page if you have one underneath also.
Let me know your thoughts 
Kind Regards,
Luke Brown
Spiral Freerun,
Parkour & Freerunning Co.
This is a good opportunity to get involved in some community photo taking as well as it being a subject we don’t often get the chance to photograph lots of amazing, fast action.
Please let me know as soon as possible (and no later than the end of Thursday) if you would like to help out on linda.swain@sky.com and I will make the arrangements.