Stuck at Home Event for Members

Being stuck at home can be a bit tedious to say the least.

In the absence of anything else right now I have opened a fun “event” in PhotoEntry for BCC members.

I have devised some guidelines for the first one (these might change as we go forward*)…

  1. It is not a competition, there is no judging or critiques involved. Just something any BCC member can join
  2. It is a weekly event.
  3. It will have a different theme each week. I have chosen MACRO as the first week’s theme. If you don’t have a macro lens then get as close as your lens will focus and crop in afterwards to get a bit more macro like – just do the best you can.  What’s a macro? You decide. BTW I chose MACRO as my old macro lens is getting rusty from lack of use – it will make me try something I rarely do. If you are new to macros a lot more info is here but you probably don’t need it, just get in close to a subject and make a composition that appeals to you.
  4. Future themes will be ones that we can all accomplish from home, no beach scenes, but as some of us are not stuck at home it can be taken from any location you are in.
  5. The pictures must be taken that week, i.e. in the few days before the closing date. No trawling through your back catalogue. The theme will be announced at the start of each week, either by newsletter or on the PhotoEntry group page (see below)
  6. You can upload one to three PDIs / week.
  7. After the closing date (Sunday 5th April for the first one) I will upload them to an album; complete with author’s names and titles. The album link will be circulated for us and the world to admire
  8. Standard image sizes, i.e. 1600 x 1200 max, JPG, sRGB. I prefer it if images have no watermark but if you add one please try to keep it discreet, try not to detract from the enjoyment of the image. Post processing allowed, go mad if you want to.

* I am open to suggestions, theme ideas and other changes as we go along. Maybe many would like to be able to submit more than 3 images, let me know, if there is enough support it can be changed. If there is a big shout-out for, say, a judged competition with online critiques, then we can open up another group for that.

Other theme ideas for future weeks: flora, still life, long exposure/blur, mono, anything red, open, food. More suggestions welcome

To enter this week’s event upload your images to the PhotoEntry website, under the group “Stuck At Home”. Info on how to use PhotoEntry here. If you have not ever entered a club competition now is a good opportunity to safely get your feet wet. If you can’t find your PhotoEntry login ID drop me an email or if you have only forgotten your password go to the PhotoEntry login page and click Forgotten Password

If you have created something that is a little unusual and you would like to share how you took it please feel free to email me a short paragraph with the photo’s filename. I’ll either add it to the online album or distribute the notes separately.

Please note, this is not an official club event, just treat it as a member-organised “summer event”

Here’s hoping we will soon be back to our normal life, but meanwhile stay safe and best wishes to all

Ian Whiting, email

For some ideas on how to fill your time at home, see our Stuck at Home page on the BCC website.