Stuck At Home Photo Week 2

Week 1’s theme was MACRO/CLOSE UP. The closing date is tonight, 5th April, 11.59pm. The album will go online on Monday and the link will be found on this page

The Week 2 theme of our Stuck at Home Photo Event will be SHADOW(S)

The closing date will be April 12th 11.59pm. Photos have to be taken in the week before. Submit your photos by the usual PhotoEntry website. 

Interpret the theme title however you like, even recreate Cliff Richard’s old backing band (3 guitars, drum and heavy black rimmed spectacles needed)

Shadows require a light source, e.g. electric light, flashgun or the sun, to cast a shadow or perhaps make an interesting shadow in Photoshop. My old art teacher used to tell me “do not draw the object, draw the spaces inbetween and the shadows.” I guess we can’t photograph the spaces but shadows can tell us a lot about both the object and the light source (hard, soft, direction, time of day, warm yellow or cool blue.) Should you include the object or not? Your decision.

If you have created something that is a little unusual and you would like to share how you took it please feel free to email me a short paragraph with the photo’s title. I’ll either add it to the online album or distribute the notes separately.

We look forward to seeing what your imagination can come up with

More details here: