Stuck at Home Weekly Image Event

BCC Summer 2020 Weekly Stuck at Home Galleries

There is a different theme each week, w/e Sunday

The submitted images will be uploaded to a new open album

A panel of senior members have offered to give a critique on any one of your images sent in that week. This is an excellent way to improve our photography.
If you would like a critique of one of your images from the current week's album email with the TITLE of your image.
It will be published to help us all unless you state in your email PRIVATE.

Week 17 is the final "weekly" image for our club's 2019-20 season

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Only open to current club members or those specifically invited to add to a particular week’s album

The themes will be chosen to reflect the fact we are stuck at home.

The photo must be taken in the week of the event (no raiding your back catalogue) and uploaded by Sunday 11.59pm

This is not a competition, no judgement or scores will be given. We will publish all acceptable (editor’s decision is final) images

Maximums of three images / week; no larger than 1600px wide x 1200px tall; JPG, sRGB

Upload to the usual PhotoEntry address using your assigned ID and your password

Your name and any image title will be become the image filename when it is added to the album

If you wish you may overlay a watermark on the image but, please, not to the extent that it seriously detracts from the enjoyment of the image

From week 3 it has been decided that any image may be discussed at the open, online meetings that all are invited to. If you join the meeting you can have the opportunity to talk about your image(s). Not all images will be discussed but probably the ones that attract someone’s interest


If you have created something that is a little unusual and you would like to share how or why you took it, please email me a short paragraph with the photo’s TITLE. I’ll either add it to the online album or distribute the notes separately as appropriate

Even better, if you are comfortable editing your image’s metadata, the TITLE and CAPTION metadata fields are automatically included in the album’s information panel for your image. The CAPTION can be used to add your own comments about your image, e.g. your thoughts, how you took the picture etc. This is easy to do in many software apps such as Lightroom. Examples of this can be seen in my (Ian Whiting’s) 3 images: Bread, Cake and Cowslip, in the Week 3 album.


If there is a large demand we may modify the rules as we go along

Click to open the album